Copper Fit Angel Sleeper Review: Does it Reduce Aches and Stiffness?

Copper Fit Angel Sleeper is a memory foam pillow that is said to be ideal for back and side sleepers. Does it really work? That’s what I intended to find out when I purchased one and put it to the test.

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Where to Purchase

I purchased the standard sized Angel Sleeper on Amazon for $40. You can also purchase direct from the official website,, or in stores such as Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. A King Size version is also available for about $60.

About Angel Sleeper

Angel Sleeper by Copper Fit is a memory foam pillow with a design that is optimized for side sleepers if used in one configuration, or for back sleepers if turned 180-degrees.

Claims & Features

  • Formed with adaptive memory foam
  • Posture-correct contours for proper neck and spine alignment
  • Reduces stress on your body
  • Cut-out arm rests
  • Copper-infused washable case

Angel Sleeper Review

Over the years I have amassed a rather extensive collection of pillows that I have reviewed here and on YouTube. Some of the more interesting specimens include the Purple Pillow, Mediflow Water Pillow, and Beautyrest Aquacool. The unusual design of the Angel Sleeper easily places it among the more unusual pillows in my collection. While an unusual design will get my attention, how well it works will determine if it remains on my bed or if it will join the growing pile of also-rans in the closet.

Copper Fit is a brand I’m quite familiar with, with my first reviews for their products coming well before my foray into YouTube in 2016. My first experience with this brand came on the heels of the “copper” revolution in telemarketing, popularized by Tommie Copper in the early 2010s.

Angel Sleeper offers a clever design that offers a side sleeping experience from one direction and a back sleeping experience on the other. To switch between the two configurations, you merely have to rotate the pillow 180-degrees. The side sleeper side has a lower-profile edge, while the back sleeper position is somewhat higher.

Angel Sleeper configured for back sleepers.
Angel Sleeper in the “side sleeper” configuration.

Before I get to my evaluation of the pillow, I should preface by noting that I am a side sleeper, and my preference for pillow softness and thickness is unique, as is the case for every consumer. Thus, my opinions should be taken as just that, my own experience based on my own preferences. This, or any other pillow, will likely have fans and detractors fueled by personal preference.

With that said, my side sleeping preference is for a soft, thin pillow, and the Angel Sleeper fits half the bill. It offers a nice low-profile, yet the memory foam is anything but fluffy or even pillow-like. Those who like a thin, firm pillow will rejoice at this pairing, while the rest of us who like to rest a our heads on a cloud probably won’t.

The first night that I slept on the Angel Sleeper, I awoke with a headache and shoulder pain, presumably because it was so much stiffer than the Beautyrest I’ve been using more than a year. Over the course of a week, however, I adjusted to the pillow and didn’t feel it was as uncomfortable as that first night. Just because I adjusted to it, however, didn’t mean I particularly liked it.

Angel Sleeper features cut-outs along the side which is said to allow a place for side sleepers to place their arms and hands, although it’s a feature I never found myself using. While I understand the purpose of this feature, it never felt quite right when I attempted to utilize it. I wanted my arms to be almost underneath my head, so the cutouts felt more like a barrier than something to facilitate the placement of my arms. Further, when a pillow case is place over the Angel Sleeper, the cut-outs felt even less useful.

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As part of my forthcoming YouTube review for this and several other pillows, I let my two adult children try out the pillow as well. The consensus among the three of us is that the Angel Sleeper is by no means a bad pillow, and the design is quite unique, however none of us ranked this very high among other pillows we tried. All of us are side sleepers, and none of us chose to continue using the Angel Sleeper after our 5-week test was complete. The consensus was that the pillow is stiff and uncomfortable upon first use, but it gets better over time.

I do understand what they are going for with the shape. When I put my head on the pillow, either from my side or my back, I can’t help but think, “This makes sense.” The contour almost perfectly matches my back, shoulders, head and neck. It’s just disturbingly rigid.

My daughter also made a point during her test of the pillow, that her head tends to migrate around the pillow throughout the night, but it only feels to lock into place when her head was dead center. It was an observation that I also noticed. The Angel Sleeper only seems to feel “lock” in position when you have your head directly in the center. Any other placement will feel uncomfortable.

The cutouts that supposedly cradle your arms seem too far above my head for my taste, which is likely because of how low on the pillow my head usually rests.

In the opinion of three of us here, the Angel Sleeper is a clever idea that misses the mark. That is not to dismiss those who do like it, but no one here felt it lived up to the advertising hype.


If you’re reading this, then you probably haven’t ended your search for a pillow that’s right for you, and my guess is that run-of-the-mill pillows just haven’t cut it for you. In that case, you may want to take a look at the Mediflow Water Pillow, which is adjustable by how much water is added to it. For a truly unusual venture to the fringes, you might want to consider the Purple Pillow, which never goes flat but also may take some getting used to.

Your Angel Sleeper Reviews

Have you used Angel Sleeper or something like it? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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