Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker Review

Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker Review
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Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker is a small steam cooker that can make a variety of egg dishes. Does it really work? Here is my Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker review.

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About Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker

Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker is a user-friendly egg steamer that has the capacity to hold seven large eggs. The official product website is perfecteggmaker.com, which was registered in September 2017. The screenshot below shows how the product website looked in September 2017.

copper chef perfect egg maker review

Claims & Features

  • Clear dome allows you to watch your eggs cook
  • Can hold 7 large eggs
  • Peel eggs without making a mess
  • Quick and simple
  • Includes perfect poaching insert


Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker costs $19.99. Each unit comes with a hard boiled egg insert, a poached egg insert, an omelette insert, and a measuring cup. For an additional $9.99, there is an option to add a 10″ Copper Chef 360 Frying Pan which would bring the total to $29.98. Shipping is free on both offers.

Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker Review

There are quite a few “Perfect” kitchen items by Copper Chef, such as the Perfect Cake Pan, Perfect Loaf Pan, Perfect Bake & Crisp Pan, and Perfect Pizza Pan. Now with the Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker, we have a device that can perfectly cook up to 7 eggs at once.

To use Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker, you first decide which type of egg you’d like to prepare: hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, or omelette. You’ll then choose the appropriate insert and place it in the device. The available inserts are for hard boiled eggs, poached eggs, or omelettes. You’ll then fill the included measuring cup with water to match the type of eggs you are making, and pour the water into the bottom of the device.

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After placing eggs in the insert, you’ll close the clear dome lid, and turn the unit on. Once it is engaged, the water is heated and steam fills the chamber to steam-cook the eggs. When creating hard boiled eggs, one key to success is poking a small hole in the shell. Some people also like to let them rest in the unit for an extra minute or two.

Pro tip: You’ll want to place the eggs in the unit small-side down.¬†

Although the commercial refers to “perfect peel technology” as the reason eggs will be easier to peel from this unit, that “technology” is simply steaming. It is a well-kept secret among culinary elites that steaming eggs will make them easier to peel, thus I do believe that most people who use this device will find eggs easier to peel than the old fashioned way in a pot of boiling water.

It’s nice to see an As Seen on TV egg cooker that isn’t a cheap plastic bowl designed to go in the microwave. You may be interested in my video below which compares various As Seen on TV microwave egg cookers. Steaming eggs is actually a pretty efficient alternative to cooking eggs over traditional methods, and the Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker includes enough inserts to give you a nice variety of options. Although it’s advertised as a one-touch unit, it still may take a bit of trial and error to get your eggs just right, especially when it comes to poached eggs. You may have to play around with the amount of water to achieve anything close to a poached egg.

Although I have no complaints about the unit itself, the idea of having a single-purpose appliance is a potential con for some consumers. From what I have gathered from considerable interaction on my YouTube channel is that many consumers don’t want another item to store in their kitchen that serves only one function. I think that’s one reason a lot of these products try to advertise them as versatile, when in fact they are of limited use. The Red Copper Flipwich, for example, is advertised to have many uses, but I found it to be a glorified grilled cheese sandwich maker. The advertising for this product does try to show many different types of eggs that it can prepare, but in reality it is only designed to cook eggs.

Overall, I believe that the majority of consumers who like what they see in the advertising will be satisfied with this product. Egg makers like this are quite popular.


You may be surprised to find that there numerous¬†egg steamers that closely resemble the Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker. This $19 Rapid Egg Cooker by Dash is listed as an “Amazon’s Choice” and holds an impressive 4.5 star rating among thousands of reviews.

If you’re looking for a microwave egg cooker, you may be interested in my comparison of several such devices below.

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