Double Whammy Max Review: 2-in-1 Pest Control

Double Whammy Max Review: 2-in-1 Pest Control
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Double Whammy Max is a bug zapper with a built-in ultrasonic pest repeller. Does it really work? Here is my Double Whammy Max review.

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About Double Whammy Max

Double Whammy Max is a bug zapper that also wards off vermin using high frequency sound waves. The official product website is doublewhammymax.com, which was registered in August 2017. The screenshot below shows how the product website looked in October 2017.

double whammy max review

Claims & Features

  • Eliminates flying insects
  • Combines a bug zapper and an ultrasonic pest repeller
  • Averts rodents with high frequency ultrasonic sound waves
  • Does not use toxic chemicals or fumes (safe for humans and pets)
  • Simply plug into a standard electric outlet


Double Whammy Max costs $19.99. There is an optional double offer that costs $29.98. Shipping is free on both offers. At the time of this writing, Double Whammy Max is not available in stores.

Double Whammy Max Review

Double Whammy Max attempts to stuff two different insect control products into one: a bug zapper and ultrasonic repeller.  It seems a bit odd that I would just now see this product being advertised in October, as this type of item is usually only marketed in the Spring and early Summer. For that reason, it’s my guess that this is being tested out for a potential advertising campaign in 2018. It’s almost identical to another product that still has an active website called Sonic Zapper. I don’t know if these are similar competing products (like the copper crispers, spin brooms, spin scrubbers, etc), or if one company is testing the same product under two different names.

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Double Whammy Max includes two popular methods of pest control into a single unit. It can also be used anywhere there is an outlet, and emits an attractive soft glow which means it can double as a nightlight.

Ultrasonic pest control is not a proven technology, with some studies showing some results, but no studies showing definitive results. The FTC warned makers of these products to back up their claims in 2001, which led to manufacturers changing much of the wording on packaging and in commercials. Ultrasonic devices are also basically line-of-sight due to weak sound waves, so they need to be out in the open to have any chance to work effectively. The sound waves don’t work through walls or furniture, which is why I take their claims with a grain of salt. The FTC has said flatly that “ultrasound devices do not control insects.”

There have also been a few studies on bug zappers, finding that they do in fact kill bugs which are attracted to light, but may lead to a increase in mosquito bites. That’s because mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide emitted by people more than they are to light, so they may follow the light until they get a whiff of carbon dioxide, and then change course toward you. Larger bugs probably won’t fit through the slats to reach the deadly zapper.

The website todayshomeowner.com points out that if you have an ultrasonic device to repel pests, it may be best to put traps nearby, as some pests will “scurry around” and (hopefully) land in one of your traps, rather than in your bedroom.

Double Whammy Max could play a role in your pest control plan, but I don’t think it will be a comprehensive solution. As a bug zapper it is quite small, and any ultrasonic benefit will have to be within the device’s line of sight. Studies for both ultrasonic pest control devices and bug zappers are mixed. The marketing shows Double Whammy Max primarily being used indoors, and most homes don’t have enough flying insects inside to really warrant a dedicated zapper.

The August 2017 product website registration date tells me that this is probably being test marketed. I’ll keep an eye on Double Whammy Max and update this space if anything changes.


There aren’t many products which combine ultrasonic pest control with bug zapping technology. This two-pack is a popular option on Amazon for under $20. If you’re looking for the highest rated in either category, this $43 bug zapper is a best seller, while this $21 pest repeller is the highest rated in its category.

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