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The Clapper Review: As Seen on TV Classic

The Clapper is an electronic on and off switch that is activated by the sound of hands clapping. Does it really work? Here is my review of The Clapper.

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Where to Purchase

The Clapper price ranges from approximately $15 to $23. It can be ordered online and is also available in stores such as Walgreens, Walmart, and Kmart. I picked up The Clapper at a local Walgreens for $20. It is also sold on Amazon for around $20.

About The Clapper

The Clapper is an audio activated switch that can turn lights or other devices on and off with the sound of two or three claps.

Claims & Features

  • Turn on lights and other devices by clapping your hands
  • Compatible with standard electric outlets
  • Use alongside a second clapper to turn on multiple appliances
  • Sound sensitivity dial (home or away settings)
  • Clap detection lights

The Clapper Review

Everyone knows the jingle “Clap On, Clap Off… The Clapper.” Just as iconic is the campy 1980s television commercial topped off by an elderly lady who frustratingly “claps off” her lamp and television set as she rolls over and goes to sleep. What many of my viewers on YouTube have told me is that they never realized The Clapper is still around and readily available in stores and online. This is my written review to accompany my YouTube video review of The Clapper.

The original 1980s version of The Clapper was triangular in shape, but at some point over the years it was redesigned to a rectangular shape. The function has remained unchanged, however. The Clapper contains two inputs and can be plugged into any outlet. You can insert it into the bottom input so that your top outlet is free, meaning you will actually gain one outlet by using this device. The top input of The Clapper is designed to activate or deactivate with two claps, while the bottom works with three claps. There is a three-light display at the bottom which registers how many claps it has detected.

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I tested The Clapper on several devices and found that it worked about as advertised. It seems ideally suited for a lamp, Christmas tree, or another device that is not convenient to access. For example, I hooked The Clapper up to my Star Shower Slideshow in my front yard and was able to turn it on and off via clapping from indoors by opening a window and clapping.

One question I had was if non-clapping sounds would activate The Clapper. I did find that some sounds could fool the device and register as a clap. In one of my dog barking tests, my lamp attached to The Clapper did eventually turn on with enough sounds produced by my golden retriever and my knocking on the wall. When I walked on rocks near The Clapper, my steps seemed to register as claps, too. I’ve also heard that sneezing can usually register as a clap as well.

If The Clapper detects a sound that it determines not to be a clap, the first and third light will illuminate simultaneously.

The switch on the bottom of The Clapper allows you to set high or low sensitivity, as well as an “Away” feature which will turn a device on upon detecting any sound. In Away mode, the device will turn on with any detected sound. It will leave the device on for 10 minutes and then turn back off.

You can find both the original design and the new design of The Clapper on Amazon, and the prices seem to vary based on what vendor is selling it. You may want to check both before ordering.

Here is my full video review of The Clapper.

Television Commercial

Below is the iconic 1980s television commercial for The Clapper.

Your The Clapper Reviews

Have you used The Clapper or something like it? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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You can find it in As Seen on TV aisles or on Amazon: