Epi Smooth Review: Inexpensive Hair Removal?

Epi Smooth Review: Inexpensive Hair Removal?
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Epi Smooth is an inexpensive epilator that removes unwanted hair easily and gently. Does it work? Read our Epi Smooth review.

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About Epi Smooth

Epi Smooth can remove any hair type to keep you smooth for weeks. The official website is getepismooth.com, which was registered in November 2016. The screen shot below was taken of the product website in December 2016.

epi smooth review

Claims & Features

  • Removes unwanted hair at the root
  • Easy to use
  • Works on all hair types and colors
  • Gentle enough to use on sensitive areas
  • No razor burn or stubble


Epi Smooth costs $10 + $6.95 P&H. A second unit is included for another $6.95 P&H, bringing your total to $23.90 for two (you can’t buy just one).

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As of this writing, we haven’t seen Epi Smooth sold in stores.

Epi Smooth Review

Epi Smooth begins its television pitch by comparing itself the once-heavily-advertised NoNo Pro – without mentioning the latter by name, but noting its $250 price tag. With Epi Smooth, we are told that hair removal can now be affordable with a minimal $10 investment.

If you’ve never used an epilator, you may want to research the topic a bit, because this is not shaving, nor is it laser removal. Is is more akin to waxing, as the hairs are actually pulled from the skin, down to the root. While this may sound barbaric, it’s a relatively common practice and achieves pretty good results.

The fact that hair is removed from the root means that it will take longer to grow back to a visible state, similar to results you’d expect from waxing.

There is usually some pain involved with epilators, although everyone has a different pain threshold. The skin in any particular area could be red after an application, which is why many users of these types of devices prefer to do treatments at night before bed.

Overall, if you understand that the process is not painless, Epi Smooth should do a good job of removing unwanted hair and will last longer than shaving. The price of Epi Smooth is on the very lowest end of the scale for devices like this.


A search of epilators will yield a dizzying number of choices. There aren’t many in the same price range as Epi Smooth, although you may find a few, such as the Emjoi Tweeze eRase e6 is a $10 epilator with mostly positive reviews.

A popular, yet somewhat more expensive, option is the Braun Silk-epil3, which runs about $34 and has a solid 4 star rating.

Your Epi Smooth Reviews

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