Booty Max Review: We’ve Actually Used It!

Booty Max is an exercise device which targets your glutes, thighs, quads, and calves. Does it work? Read our Booty Max review.

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About Booty Max

Booty Max is device with multi-directional resistance to help target your lower body. The official product website is, with a registration date of September 2016. Below is a screen shot of the official website taken in November 2016.

booty maxx review

Claims & Features

  • Targeted resistance
  • Space saving design
  • Padded ankle cuff
  • 7 workouts to target lower body muscle groups
  • Detachable handle for upper body exercises


You can get Booty Max for two payments of $19.95 + $13.99 shipping, for a total cost of $53.89. A deluxe unit is also available for an additional $20.

As of late 2016, Booty Max is rolling out to stores for about $50.

Booty Max Review

A note about the name. The logo appears to have two x’s, thus with a spelling of “Booty Maxx” although it seems to be written without the second “x in other places. It’s a bit unclear if this is supposed to be spelled “Max” or “Maxx.”

Note #2: In May 2017, a product called “Wonder Buns” was advertised on television. Besides the name, it was virtually the same commercial and product shown in the Booty Max ad embedded below. It would appear that the makers are testing a re-branded product under that name.

At first glance, Booty Max looks like the offspring of a scooter, a scale, and a dry mop. It is, of course, none of those things, but simply an exercise device aimed at targeting your lower body, namely your glutes.

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To use Booty Max, you simply stand on the “deck,” strap on the padded ankle wrap, and move your leg in one of seven possible motions in order to target muscles in your lower body. To help stabilize yourself, you can hold onto the included handle. There is only one exercise band, so you’ll need to exercise one leg at a time.

Possible exercises that can be achieved with Booty Max include calf raises, squats, hamstring curls, and kickbacks. A nice touch is that the handle can also be detached and used for upper body exercises such as bicep curls. Yet another clever design feature is that the unit can be broken down for compact storage, and all of the parts snap into the base.

The commercial focuses attention on “MDR” technology, or Multi-Directional Resistance Technology. This is a fancy way of describing two pulleys over which the resistance band travels in order to provide multiple angles of resistance. Although it sounds like a bit of marketing hype, it is a design feature which actually does improve the versatility of the product.

The primary question, of course, is whether or not Booty Max can shape and lift your booty, but unfortunately there is no simple answer. Genetics, body fat percentage, and amount of resistance used for training will all play a role in such a goal. For some users, this device alone could make a difference. Others may need to increase the amount of resistance in order to achieve results, while some may need to focus on body fat percentage in addition to working out the muscles in that area. I’m not convinced that the resistance provided is enough to offer everyone a comprehensive lower body exercise enough to duplicate the results shown in the advertising.

If you have used resistance bands in the past, Booty Max could be a next logical step that can allow you to target multiple muscle groups. And, as with virtually any piece of exercise equipment, Booty Max is only as good as the effort you put into it.

Overall, Booty Max sports several compelling design features that make this worth a look. Whether or not its $50 price tag can make it a better deal than cheaper resistance bands remains to be seen. Can it stand apart from the untold number of fitness devices on the market? Only time will tell.


There are numerous devices which are designed to help you target your glutes. An inexpensive best seller on Amazon is the Fit Simplify Resistance Loop, which costs about $11 and has an astonishing 4.8 star rating among over 1,000 consumer reviews.

Video Review

Watch a hands-on video review of Booty Max below.

Television Commercial

Your Booty Max Reviews

Have you used Booty Max? Give us your thoughts by leaving a comment below and a star rating above.

Updated May 2017.

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Christine Marie
Christine Marie
5 years ago

On the commercial and Groupon site they mentioned a DVD, but I don’t see that in your review. Did you get one?

Rebecca Carr Rusis
Rebecca Carr Rusis
5 years ago

Bootymax is not worth the money because 2 of bands now broke. Once I received the product, I only used it twice when the 1st band broke. when it broke i got snapped in the stomach and I had a bruse my stomach for 2wks. After I got injured by this product, I call customer service about it so they said they would send me out a new band. I had to wait 3 weeks to receive 4 new bands. Then another one broke again after only using it twice. It’s a very long process just to receive them. I… Read more »

Rebecca Carr Rusis
Rebecca Carr Rusis
5 years ago

comment image

Darlene Soliz
Darlene Soliz
4 years ago

I was able to use the booty max for about 5 months, increased the resistance for a better workout and then my band broke. I bought short bungee cords to replace the resistance band and so far its working. I tried calling the customer service number to purchase replacements today and guess what, the number is not a working number. I was and still am excited about this product so i will continue to work out with my bungee cord. comment image