Fur Away Review: Does it Remove Pet Hair?

Fur Away Review: Does it Remove Pet Hair?
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Fur Away is a pet hair removal device.

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About Fur Away

Fur Away is an As Seen on TV product which is said to quickly and easily remove pet hair from any surface.

The product website is buyfuraway.com, which was registered in May 2015. The screen capture below shows the official website in September 2015.

fur away

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What They Claim

  • Removes pet hair from any surface
  • Easy: Just gather and sweep
  • Over 500 rubber tips
  • Made of rubber
  • Just rinse to clean

Fur Away Cost

$10 + $7.95 shipping. Another $7.95 is added for a mandatory 2nd free unit.


There have been a number of pet hair removal devices advertised on television over the past several years. Some remove them from your pets, while others remove them from furniture and clothing. Such products as Shed Pal and Sticky Buddy were popular in recent years. Now with Fur Away, we have the latest entrant in the pet hair removal category.

While most previously advertised pet hair removal products have worked more like lint rollers, Fur Away acts more like a brush with large rubber bristles. It is wiped along any surface and picks up a majority of the hair left by pets.

While it does seem that Fur Away will work for most fur and pet hair, there do seem to be instances where it may not be as effective, such as with short-haired Chihuahuas, which leave small hairs behind.

Overall, however, it appears that Fur Away will do the job for most consumers, and we expect to see this increase advertising in the coming months. As Seen on TV pet products are always popular, and this product seems to offer a pretty solid solution to most pet owners.

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