Paper Towel Topper Review

Paper Towel Topper is a simple device which protects paper towels while providing an easier way in which to dispense them. I recently tested it out to see if it actually works.

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Where to Purchase

Paper Towel Topper is currently sold on Amazon and direct from the manufacturer website,

Paper Towel Topper Review

The packaging for Paper Towel Topper claims the product will keep your paper towels dry, clean, and germ free while also providing support when tearing.

When I first opened my Paper Towel Topper, I noticed that it resembled those plastic CD covers that were so ubiquitous in the 1990s. This, however, includes a hole in the center which allows it to slide over any paper towel roll, and guides which insert into the roll to hold it in place.

I tested it out with wet hands and it worked exactly as advertised – by keeping my paper towel roll free from moisture. Pressing down on the Paper Towel Topper also holds the roll in place and allows for easy tearing.

In the end, I found the Paper Towel Topper to work exactly as advertised, although the $9-$10 cost seems a bit high for a simple plastic disk. I do, however, believe that most people who spring for this device will like it.

I’ll update this space if anything changes!

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