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Perk It Reviews

Perk It is advertised as a modern take on old-fashioned coffee percolators, claimed to be more flavorful and less expensive than modern coffee makers. Read our Perk It review plus key product information.

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While coffee percolators were once the de facto method of brewing coffee, they fell out of favor in the 1970’s due to the popularity of automatic drop coffee machines such as Mr. Coffee. And, although percolators virtually disappeared from the marketplace by 1980, a few enthusiasts and aficionados continued to extol the virtues of this older method of brewing a cup of Joe, even to this day.

Enter Perk It, fronted by Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars. Harrison evokes nostalgic images of coffee brewing in years past.

It wasn’t just a drink, it was an experience. But then coffee companies started making plastic coffee makers and instant pods that took away all the flavor. So now you pay more for coffee that doesn’t taste as good.

Harrison describes Perk It as “The modern version of this timeless classic, and it brews coffee the way it used to taste.” He also states that a cup of coffee brewed with Perk It costs about 5 cents, compared to about 70 cents for Keurig-type pod machines.

Operation of the machine is simple, described as: “Fill with water, add your favorite coffee, then perk.” You also receive a pack of Old Fashioned Roast and a Perk It mug.

The premise that percolators were superior may not bode will with all coffee enthusiasts. In fact, many older coffee drinkers may not agree that the way coffee “used to taste” was superior than coffee brewed with more modern devices. It can be argued that coffee percolators fell out of fashion because Mr. Coffee-type brewers offered more palatable coffee than their predecessors. This is in part due to the high temperature reached by percolators, which resulted in a more bitter flavor than automatic drip machines that do not brew as hot.

Another premise of the commercial claims that Perk It is significantly cheaper than pod-type coffee makers. While this is true, the comparison does not apply to automatic drip makers, which use about the same amount of coffee grounds as a percolator.  Some may also argue that some who brew full pots of coffee often waste much of it, reducing the cost discrepancy vs single-cup brewers.

The official website features a logo which reads, “The original coffee pot” with the year 1921. In the television ad, Harrison claims that their Old Fashioned Roast has been “roasted the same since 1921.” We could not, however, find any information about this company, nor is any company history listed on their website. The only coffee maker manufacturer of note that formed in 1921 that we could find is Braun, but we have found no connection between these two entities.

Perk It’s “About” paragraph

An old-fashioned coffee pot that draws water up the stem and perks it-all the old school ways of having coffee.

Official Website

  • getperkit.com
  • Registered September 19, 2013
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  • Tagline: “The way coffee used to taste!”
  • Draws out the perfect flavor
  • Brews coffee the way it used to taste
  • Brew Light, Medium or Dark
  • Lightweight stay-cool handle
  • Dishwasher safe


  • $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H = $27.98


  • Below is a screenshot of the official website, taken in January 2014:

perk it

Television Commercial

  • Below is a television commercial for Perk It

Perk It Reviews

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