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Socket Shelf Review: 6 Outlets, 2 USB Ports, and a Shelf

James White Aug 31

Socket Shelf is a combination of a power strip with surge protection and a small shelf. Does it work as advertised? Here is our Socket Shelf review.

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About Socket Shelf

Socket Shelf is a power docking or charging station that provides 6 outlets, surge protection, and a storage shelf. The original website was buysocketshelf.com, with a registration date of October 2016. That now forwards to socketshelf.com, the official website as of 2019. The new site was registered in 2017. The screen captures below show the current website and the 2016 website which still featured the swivel design, no USB ports, and lower price.

Socketshelf.com in August 2019.

socket shelf review

BuySocketShelf.com in May 2017.

Claims & Features

  • Establishes additional shelf space near any outlet
  • Keep accessories organized & off counters
  • Creates 6 outlets from one outlet
  • Surge protection built-in
  • Installation not required
  • 2 USB charging ports (2.1 amp)
  • 15 amp surge protector
  • UL Listed


The current cost of Socket Shelf is about $30, although when it was marketed in 2016, Socket Shelf cost $19.99 + $4.99 P&H + $4.99 mandatory bonus offer for a total of $29.97. I’ve seen a “Deluxe” model on Amazon for $40 with higher amperage and an additional shelf. The original deluxe model offered two USB ports, which now are included with the regular unit. It would appear they have abandoned the mandatory double offer in 2019. You can find Socket Shelf on Amazon or in stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond for about $30 (don’t forget to use a 20% coupon!).

Socket Shelf Review

Socket Shelf is a product that combines several ideas into one. There is a small storage shelf than can hold a few items, along with 6 outlets to triple the number of standard outlets, and two USB ports. An earlier version swiveled like that of the Side Socket, although that feature has since been removed. The unit also offers surge protection.

To use Socket Shelf, you simply plug it into any existing outlet. Optionally, you can remove your existing outlet’s face plate and screw Socket Shelf into place for a more secure installation. You’ll then have access to six outlets, two USB ports, and a small shelf.

The shelf is wide enough to place a tablet or phone, or a few small items. I’m not sure I’d place bottles of liquid on the shelf, as depicted in the advertising, for fear that even a small leak could make its way down into the outlet, although my tests (see below) showed that it did hold numerous bathroom items with ease.

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When I tested Socket Shelf in comparison with two Amazon alternatives for the video below, I found that Socket Shelf performed the best and offered the most useful design. I prefer to remove the original face plate in order to get a more secure installation, although it can still wiggle back and forth slightly while plugging in devices or placing heavy items on the shelf.

Perhaps the biggest problem with an outlet shelf is that many homes place outlets below cabinets, which limit the usefulness of the shelf. In my video below, you’ll see that I was unable to use Socket Shelf in the kitchen or the bathroom due to the placement of my outlets. I did, however, find it quite useful in my bedroom where I tend to plug in and charge most of my electronics.

Overall, I actually think Socket Shelf is a worthy entrant in the As Seen on TV arena, despite a price that seems slightly higher than it should be. Watch my full video below where I compare Socket Shelf to a couple Amazon competitors.


There are other products out there that resemble Socket Shelf, which I compared to Socket Shelf in the video above. Take, for example, the KMC Surge Protector for about $12, or the WALI outlet shelf for about $8. I found the Socket Shelf to be superior to both of those, although they do offer significantly cheaper alternatives with a few design concessions.

Your Socket Shelf Reviews

What are your thoughts about Socket Shelf? Drop a comment below and a star rating above to let us know what you think about it.

This review was originally published in May 2017. It has been updated in August 2019 to reflect the newest version of Socket Shelf.

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Barbara Mitchell
Barbara Mitchell

I bought one for my bathroom. I love it. I have my electric tooth brush, tooth paste and a few other cosmetic items. I did use the option of screwing it to the existing outlet and it is very secure.

Freakin' Reviews

I’m still using mine and so far it’s holding up pretty well.