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Mighty Sight Review: Do They Work?

Mighty Sight is a pair of As Seen on TV magnifying reading glasses that have chargeable LED lights on each side. Do they really work? Here is my Mighty Sight…

One Power Readers Review

One Power Readers are a pair of one size fits all reading glasses that auto correct vision. Do they really work? Here is my One Power Readers review.

flexi-readers review

Flexi-Readers Review: Do These Compact Reading Glasses Work?

Flexi-Readers are compact andĀ arm-less reading glasses with magnifying lenses. Do they work as advertised? Here is our Flexi-Readers review.

hazuki glasses review

Hazuki Glasses Review: Designer $150 Reading Glasses?

Hazuki Glasses are lightweight and sturdy magnifying designer eye-wear. Do they work? Read my Hazuki Glasses review.

slim lens review

Slim Lens Review: Ultra-Thin Reading Glasses

Slim Lens is a portable set of reading glasses which sport a thin design for easy carrying. Read our Slim Lens review.

thinoptics review

ThinOptics Review: Portable Reading Glasses

ThinOptics are portable reading glasses. Read our ThinOptics review plus additional product information.