Turbo Scrub Review: Does it Work?

Turbo Scrub Review: Does it Work?
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Turbo Scrub is a handheld power scrubber which makes cleaning around the home easier. Read our Turbo Scrub review.

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About Turbo Scrub

Turbo Scrub is a cordless rechargeable power scrubber which facilitates cleaning around the home. The official product website is turboscrub.com, which was first registered back in 2003, although the current product sold on that domain didn’t appear there until very recently. The screen capture below shows the official website as it appeared in July 2016.

turbo scrub review

Claims & Features

  • Can be used with your favorite cleaning products
  • 300 revolutions per minute
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • 40 to 60 minutes of use per charge


Turbo Scrub costs $39.98 + $14.99 shipping. This includes the scrubber, three brush heads, and an extension arm.

The original advertised cost was $39.99 with free shipping, but there was an additional $9.99 fee to get the cone and flat brushes. The brushes are now included, but shipping costs have been added. The current double offer gives you a second set of everything for another $14.99. An unexplained $1 “web service fee” is added to all orders.

There is a 60-day money back guarantee. Turbo Scrub began rolling out in stores in November 2016 for about $40.

Turbo Scrub Review

Turbo Scrub has recently graced the airwaves with popular pitchman Anthony Sullivan at the helm. The product is advertised as an easy way to take the work out of household cleaning.

Featuring a 300 rpm head and a dome brush, Turbo Scrub is a power scrubber which allows you to clean and scrub without having to bend or scrub manually. It is powered by a 3.6 volt NiMh battery, so you don’t have to worry about cords or wires while cleaning. Note that the screenshot above states that it is a NiCad battery. The website no longer states that it is NiCad, and the manual for Turbo Scrub states that it “uses a Ni-Mh rechargeable and recyclable battery.”

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The included dome brush should be sufficient for most household uses, although the cone and flat brushes do extend its functionality to additional parts of the home.

Most cleaning tasks which require manual scrubbing can be handled by Turbo Scrub’s 300 RPM motor. There are, of course, some tough areas where you won’t be able to press hard enough to completely clean an area. Performance will be affected by type of stain or dirt along with user technique. We feel that the majority of consumers will find Turbo Scrub to be useful enough to warrant a positive rating.

There is an extension wand that can be used to clean high or hard-to-reach places, which helps extend the functionality of the cleaner. There will be instances when you may need to press in a sideways motion (such as the side of a bathtub) that the extension wand could provide less leverage, and may not be as useful. In those cases, it is best to use Turbo Scrub without the extension. Using the extension handle seems to make the product somewhat less stable, although our testers couldn’t agree on whether or not the handle was a pro or con.

Turbo Scrub should last over 40 minutes per charge, but this will be affected by how hard you press the head onto the surface. Pressing harder will require more power, thus affecting how long the battery’s charge lasts.

Overall, Turbo Scrub is a solid tool which, with reasonable expectations, should perform well enough to make it a worthy investment. You may also want to investigate other, similar options before making your final decision, as Turbo Scrub isn’t the only game in town, although in at least one comparison (below) we found Turbo Scrub to be the superior product.


There are currently two similar scrubbers being advertised on television, both which feature very similar designs and functions. In addition to Turbo Scrub, you will also see commercials for Hurricane Spin Scrubber, which we have reviewed here.

Both of these items are very similar in design to the Tub N’ Tile Power Scrubber by Quickie, to the point that they could be referred to as knockoffs of the Quickie product, which has been around for several years.

The Quickie scrubber currently holds a solid 4 star rating on Amazon. It is also available – along with replacement brushes – in stores such as Lowe’s or Walmart.

Video Reviews

Below is our hands-on review of Turbo Scrub.

You can also watch a head-to-head comparison of Turbo Scrub vs Hurricane Spin Scrubber.

Your Turbo Scrub Reviews

Have you used Turbo Scrub? Give us your thoughts by leaving a comment below and a star rating above.

Updated November 2016

  • Cindy Citizen

    I can’t comment on the product but I can comment on the order process, company policy and their service.

    I placed my order via their website on July 19. I ordered 2. The second one was supposed to be shipped as a gift to a friend in another state.

    A week later, I had not received any communication from them, so I went to their website and looked up my orders. Only one was listed and it did not contain any useful information.

    I then called their customer service. I was told that my second scrubber had been cancelled!! Really??? Apparently it is against their company policy for me to order something for myself and then order a gift for someone else! Yet they never bothered to notify me until I tried to track it down.

    I was also told today that there was a 3 to 6 week back-order on the Turbo Scrub order that was in their computer. I decided not to wait for fear I’d have to keep calling to find out the status. I cancelled everything.

    In this day and age there is no excuse for their lack of communication and frankly I don’t think their product is worth wait when their are others out there to choose from.

    • storageman

      Like the irritated custom, I echo their experience. Like Cindy I am also frustrated by their order process. I was hassled as well and what really made me made was the $15.00 SHIPPING price for each box. My order was placed on 1/5/2017 and I have yet to receive any update. My credit card was charged 1/25 for $55.97. There is no doubt in mind that this product will NOT live up to the hype. However, my wife (the sucker) really wanted this.
      Any company that does not communicate and says a multi week delay is probably waiting until a target number of orders are received before making and shipping the product. This does not bold well for the product or company, but does prove P.T Barnum’s “a sucker born every minute”.
      The internet has replaced and exploded the “TV overnight infomercials”.
      If this product works I will be surprised and for $56 it better!

      • I believe they only charge you when it ships, so you should probably get it soon. I’m surprised they would still take so long to ship this product when this is already available in stores.

  • Irritated Customer

    I just ordered the Turboscrub about 5 minutes ago. I did NOT want to order 2, I selected the option for one. As I went through the ordering process it kept asking me if I want to order the second one. I continued to click on NO, when I processed my order it said I had ordered 2 (there was also no option to review my order before submitting it)and I’m being charged for 2!!!!!! So I called customer service and said I wanted this updated, I was told I will have to wait 24-48 hours for my order to process before they can do anything. I’m quite irritated with the whole process, felt like I was being “hasselled” to buy 2 and will now cancel my entire order because of this. When I received my email confirmation for my order it asked me to rate my experience, oddly when I clicked on that it said the webpage did not exist……maybe because they would get nothing but bad reviews? I’m sure getting my money back will be an even bigger hassle. Ugh!

    • Many As Seen on TV product order pages don’t include a confirmation screen before your order is placed. This would save a lot of headaches for everyone involved, but why would they make things easy?

    • Tricia Rose

      Buy one get one free but pay shipping charges for both?

      • tiverton.tom

        I dare say the ‘cream profit’ is the shipping charge of the 2nd unit. These things cost them way less to be made in china, then the shipping charge

    • tiverton.tom

      I dare say the ‘cream’ profit is the shipping charge on the 2nd unit

  • Audrey M Hoos

    They sell at Big lots, Walmart, Ollies in Michigan. No shipping or handling. Returnable

  • Mary Oprihory

    I own the Hurricane Spin Scrubber and after its first use the flat head cracked and fell apart. I have pictures of proof. The corner brush is also cracked after its first use. The company is not willing to help me at all. I will be purchasing the Turbo Scrubber as soon I get the money.

    • Norma Fralin

      Be sure to go to Wallmart and purchase, at least they will replace the Iran if it breaks

  • Kathleen Conlon Sieber

    I can’t comment on how well the product works because I misplaced the charging cord and I was told that I can’t order a replacement cord for it – rather that I would have to order another complete unit which I certainly will not do! I would definitely advise anyone who decides to order this product, think it over carefully. You must not misplace the charging cord because the product is useless. I would definitely not order one again.

    • Norma Fralin

      They sell at Wallmart, and other stores, for what you pay in shipping for another one.you can purchase a new one there, and in the box there are replacement parts you can order

      • Kathleen Conlon Sieber

        I was going to throw the product away but I found a charging cord that works at our local Goodwill store.

  • gdcwork

    I have two turbo scrub units with three brushes each and an additional “large flat” brush. I agree with one review that the brush sizes are not optimal for cleaning a surface such as a kitchen floor. Maybe it’s intended to spot cleaning, which isn’t how I intended to use it. Of all the brushes, the dome brush (which seems to be presented as the “standard” brush) seems to me to be the least useful.

    I bought two because I figured I would use one for the toilet, reserve one brush head (the extra large) for floors, and use the other unit for the kitchen and wherever else needed. No one else seems to mention this, but I find it uber-icky to consider scrubbing the toilet bowl and then cleaning the brush head (as suggested) in the DISHWASHER. Where I wash my dishes. That I eat from. (Oook.)

  • Carina Louise Skipworth

    I would not recommend this product. It has next to no power & the grout did not clean as well as they say. I wouldn’t even give it 1 star. Waste of money.

    • tiverton.tom

      thanks … that is what I suspected

  • David

    Waste of money. Spins so slow it’s quicker and better to use good old fashioned elbow grease! Does not clean anything in the shower. Once again deceived by dubious marketing claims.