Water Wubble Review: Reusable Water Balloons

Water Wubble is a refillable water balloon that doesn’t pop. Does it work? Read my Water Wubble review.

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About Water Wubble

Water Wubble is a water balloon that can be reused repeatedly because it doesn’t pop and doesn’t need to be tied. The product website is waterwubble.com, which was first registered in October 2016. The screen capture below shows the official product website in February 2017.

water wubble review

Claims & Features

  • Refillable water balloon balls
  • No-tie design
  • No mess or cleanup


A set of 8 Water Wubbles costs $14.99 + $4.99 P&H. I found a Water Wubble 8-pack at a local Toys R Us for about $15.

Water Wubble Review

You have probably seen advertising in recent years for Wubble Bubble Ball, Super Wubble, or Wubble X. Now the makers are back with their latest and greatest offering: Water Wubble. This newest product under the Wubble brand is a water balloon that is refillable and doesn’t pop. It also doesn’t require tying.

Over the past three years, water balloon products have flooded the market. One popular item was a fast-fill water balloon toy which allowed you to fill 40 balloons at once. That product first appeared on Shark Tank, then became the subject of a lawsuit. It continues to be a very popular item in warm weather months. Thus, it isn’t surprising to see another As Seen on TV product jump on the water balloon bandwagon. So, does Water Wubble really work?

Although Water Wubble is advertised as a water balloon, it is probably more accurate to describe it as a water ball because it doesn’t actually pop like a water balloon.

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To use Water Wubble, you simple submerge in water or insert a faucet into the valve and fill with water. The small valve automatically closes when you remove it from the water, but it opens enough to let water out when it is thrown against an object (such as another person). The flap’s function also means you don’t have to tie it off when it is full.

Water Wubble is a very new item, and my guess is that you’ll be seeing more of this item as the weather warms up in 2017. I was able to find one of the first to hit the shelves here in Las Vegas and I’ve had a chance to give it a thorough try. It is a different experience than you’ll find with a regular water balloon, with a few pros and cons worth mentioning.

What’s nice is that you can use about any water source. With the old-fashioned way, you are relegated to a faucet or hose, but with Water Wubble, you can use a bucket, water bottle, hose, or pool. To fill, you simply open the valve and  insert your water source or “scoop” water into it. When the valve is inserted, it closes off the opening and seals it shut.

Most of the Water Wubbles that I threw didn’t splash all of the contents. In fact, many didn’t splash any of the contents. If you hold it with the valve outward (rather than tucked in), it seems to splash more than when the valve is inserted. That may not be of much concern during a water balloon fight, as kids can simply pick up the un-splashed balloon and toss it back. That leads to another minor con, which is that they tend to pick up dirt and grass pretty easily. With a regular water balloon, they pop and you don’t worry too much about their condition. Because Water Wubble is reusable, they will collect dirt pretty easily. I don’t suspect that will be a problem to most people, however.

water wubble

Closeup of a Water Wubble.

Water wubble

I’m impressed by how stretchy and durable this product is.

water wubble

It took this much water to make a Water Wubble pop!

The original Wubble Ball was fun, but had concerns about durability, which is probably why Super Wubble was released. I can tell you that durability is not a concern with Water Wubble. I filled it up with about a gallon of water and dropped it several times, and it didn’t pop.

Overall, I think the makers of Water Wubble have produced a fine product. Sure, it may not splash as much as an exploding water balloon, but it can be reused over and over, and it can be filled almost anywhere. Its durability is surprisingly good, and you can put a tremendous amount of water in them before they actually pop.


Water Wubble sports the same basic design as a product called Hurricane Reusable Water Balls, which has been around online for a couple of years and hit store shelves in mid-2016. Both toys look and perform similarly, but Hurricane Balls don’t stretch, and have been met with rather lukewarm consumer feedback.

You may also want to look into a more traditional water ball design, which is sponge-like, inexpensive, and foolproof.

Video Review

Below is my full video review of Water Wubble.

Television Commercial

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Updated March 2017.

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