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trix trux review

Trix Trux Review: As Seen on TV Monster Truck

Trix Trux is an As Seen on TV monster truck for kids that can perform a variety of tricks. Does it really work? Here is my Trix Trux review.

flipazoo chairs review

Flipazoo Chairs Review: Convertible Bean Bag Chairs

Flipazoo Chairs are children’s bean bag chairs that resemble various animals. Do they really work? Here is my Flipazoo Chairs review.

gym1 review

Gym1 Review: Does This Indoor Gym Work?

Gym1 is a set of indoor playground attachments for kids that can quickly be installed in doorways. Does it really work? Here is my Gym1 review.

fushigi review

Fushigi Review: Is This Really a Magic Gravity Ball?

Fushigi is a novelty ball that appears to defy gravity and move by itself in your hands. Does it really work? Here is my Fushigi review.

ooze baff review

Ooze Baff Review: Turn Bath Water Into Slime?

Ooze Baff is a powdered formula that turns into a slimy ooze when added to water. Does it work as advertised? Here is our Ooze Baff review.

build bonanza review

Build Bonanza Review: Building Block Tape

Build Bonanza is building block tape with a studded top layer and an adhesive bottom layer. Does it work? Read our Build Bonanza review.

easy einstein balloons review

Easy Einstein Balloons Review: Do These Fast-Fill Balloons Work?

Easy Einstein Balloons are water balloons that fill in seconds, don’t require tying, and don’t leak. Do they work? Read our Easy Einstein Balloons review.

water wubble review

Water Wubble Review: Reusable Water Balloons

Water Wubble is a refillable water balloon that doesn’t pop. Does it work? Read my Water Wubble review.

dreamtents review

DreamTents Review: Pop-Up Child’s Tent

DreamTents are pop-up tents that install easily over a child’s bed. Do they work? Read our DreamTents review.

rocket fishing rod review

Rocket Fishing Rod Review: Does it Work?

Rocket Fishing Rod is a fishing rod that casts like a hand-held gun. Does it work? Read our Rocket Fishing Rod review.