Watermelon Windmill Slicer Review

Watermelon windmill slicers have been heavily advertised on social media in 2019. I picked one up and this is my review.

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Watermelon Windmill Slicers

You’ve probably seen videos circulating on Facebook and Instagram showing this strange windmill-looking device cutting perfect cubes out of a watermelon. The design of these slicers does somewhat resemble a windmill. It appears that numerous vendors are selling essentially the same product, which is commonplace in recent years. I can only speak for the specific version I purchased on Amazon, which you can find here.

I received numerous requests to review this, so I found one on Amazon and ordered it.

Upon opening the slicer for the first time, I found that this particular model wasn’t of the highest quality, but that isn’t always a dealbreaker when you’re talking about sharp kitchen utensils. As long as it works and doesn’t break, I’m fine with the thin metal design.

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There is a marking on the side of the handle which serves as a guide in order to cut cubes into the desired size. I will say that pushing this in a straight line as it cuts is more difficult than it seems. I eventually stopped worrying about the specific size because the cubes were all roughly the same size and shape once I was done anyway.

When I compared this to three other slicers, I was surprised to find that the windmill design required the least amount of strength to cut melons. Moreover, it also led to less waste than some of the alternatives.

Although the packaging did not indicate that it could be used for other melons, I did try it with a cantaloupe and found that it worked well, although the cubes were not uniform because I had removed the seeds first.

In the end, the watermelon windmill slicer that I tried was surprisingly effective, and did produce uniform cubes with ease. Is it better than a chef’s knife? Probably not. But if you are intrigued by the videos you’ve seen circulating online, you may actually like this product.

Be sure to watch my full review and comparison of several different types of watermelon slicers below.


Two other slicers in the video above that are of completely different design that you might try are the Riveira Slicer or the 12-slice cutter and corer.

Your Watermelon Windmill Slicer Reviews

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