purple mattress review

Purple Mattress Review

Purple Mattress is a high-end mattress that supports pressure spots while aligning the spine. Does it really work? Here is my Purple Mattress review.

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About Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress is a bed cushion that is made of materials that are similar to the firmness and softness of memory foam, yet it never loses its shape or becomes indented. The official product website is purple.com, which was registered in August 1994.

Claims & Features

  • Comfortable layers of Hyper-Elastic Polymer and polyurethane foam
  • Supports any sleep position (aligns the spine)
  • Cradles the hips and shoulders while supporting the back
  • Breathable design helps control body temperature
  • Manufactured from non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials


The price of the Purple Mattress can vary from $699 to $1899 depending on the size and type. It can be purchased online at the product website or Amazon, and is also available in some stores such as Sam’s Cub, Macy’s, or Bed Bath & Beyond.

Purple Mattress Review

This is my initial review of the king size Purple Mattress .3 after sleeping on it for 30 days, along with updated information a year later.

Going back to the day that I acquired the mattress,  it was delivered shortly before the platform, so I left the 176-pound cushion packed up until the platform arrived. Later that day, the platform delivery came, and I assembled it. Assembly was a bit more work than I expected. I found the instructions to be a bit lacking, the process was somewhat tedious, and it required the use of an Allen wrench. Due to the weight of the mattress, I had to get one of my son’s friends help me lift it onto the platform.

My Purple sheets were also delivered later, so I would recommend choosing a delivery option in which the platform and sheets arrive prior to the mattress to avoid some of the minor issues that I experienced.

After everything was assembled, I got on the bed, and it actually felt pretty nice. I noticed that even bouncing a bit on one side of the bed did not shake my camera which was placed on the opposite side of the bed. The transfer of energy is definitely much less than that of a traditional mattress.

To see how the mattress was constructed, I pulled back the top casing. I observed around 3 inches of Purple material in the middle which was surrounded by a layer of foam around the edges. I found that the mattress is a nice balance, and is not too soft or hard.

When my Purple sheets arrived, I put them on the bed along with the Purple mattress protector. The sheets look and feel very high quality. They feel cool to the touch and the texture is similar to spandex. It is not a requirement to use their sheets, and they are somewhat expensive, but I have continued to use them because they are more comfortable than standard sheets.

After my first couple of weeks sleeping on the Purple mattress, I found that it was comfortable and I didn’t experience any issues with my back that I had with my previous mattress. I can’t say that it cured my back pain, but I do seem to have less pain.

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In the Purple commercial, they claim that the platform can hold over 4,000 pounds, and sumo wrestlers are shown jumping on the bed. Although I couldn’t come anywhere close to placing 2 tons on the bed, one of my tests was to jump around on the bed, and it held up well. Again, I was struck by the mix of softness and firmness.

Another advertising claim is that you can choose a comfort level for the mattress. However, when I called to order they recommended the .3 based on questions about my weight and usual sleeping position. I was under the impression that the .4 would be the most comfortable, yet was told that this is dependent on body type and sleep position. I felt that the advertising was not very clear in this area.

At the end of my first 30 days, I was impressed and felt that it was a good product. The bed and all the accessories seem very well made. In my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons with the Purple Mattress, with the biggest con being the cost.

The investment cost could be anywhere from $700 to $3500 depending on the model and accessories. Another potential issue is the weight of the mattress (176 pounds). It was not easy to move around or place on the platform. Constructing the required platform was also somewhat of a pain. Overall, these issues should not dissuade you if you are considering the Purple Mattress, but they are worth keeping in mind.

Update: I have now been using the Purple Mattress for one year. I constantly get questions about it, and people want to know how it’s holding up. I can tell you that there is no sagging and no signs of wear with daily use. When I spent three weeks in Australia in 2018, I realized just how much I had come to enjoy my Purple mattress, because hotel beds simply didn’t measure up.

I do wish there were more places where people could test out the various mattress options because it would be a hassle to order a .3 only to realize you would have preferred a .2, for example. That aside, I am a fan of the Purple Mattress even after a year, and I’ve recommended it to many people outside of this website and my YouTube channel. If you are interested in a Purple mattress, you can find out more info here.

Below is my full Purple Mattress review.

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Your Purple Mattress Reviews

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