Testing 3 Useful Kitchen Gadgets by Request!

Today I’m taking a look at three potentially useful kitchen gadgets, all of them by request! These include the Burger Master Burger Press, Souper Cubes, and a Veggie Ricer.

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3 Kitchen Gadgets Tested

Where to Purchase

The items featured in this review can be purchased at Amazon at the links below.

Burger Press

The first item I tested was labeled as the Burger Master on the Amazon listing from which I purchased it. However, I’m not entirely confident that I received an authentic product, as it arrived wrapped in plastic with no retail packaging or instructions. Despite this, it closely resembled the advertised item, so I decided to go ahead and test it.

Using the burger press is straightforward. You simply load 2 pounds of ground beef into the bottom tray, ensuring it’s spread out evenly. Next, align the arrows on the top and bottom sections, then press down the top. This process divides the meat into eight equal, hex-shaped patties, each weighing about a quarter pound. The patties can either be cooked immediately or frozen for later use. I chose to freeze them overnight to test their durability. The following day, I removed the unit from the freezer and easily popped out one of the patties. I cooked it in a pan, and it turned out perfectly, maintaining a subtle hexagonal shape that fit well on a bun and tasted great.

The operation was smooth and met my expectations, indicating that this burger press will likely be a permanent fixture in my kitchen.

Souper Cubes

The next gadget I reviewed, featured on Shark Tank a few years ago, is aptly named Souper Cubes. This clever silicone mold is designed to freeze soups, stews, chili, and more into solid, one-cup portions—perfect for meal prep and portion control. The manufacturer promises simplicity: just fill, freeze, and heat. I chose a model with four one-cup sections and filled each one with homemade beef stew before freezing them.

The following day, I retrieved the Souper Cubes from the freezer to test how easily the cubes would release. Each cube was about half the portion I preferred (something to remember for next time), but the overall process was seamless. The cubes released effortlessly, thanks to the flexible silicone material, which also made it easy to push them out from the bottom. Additionally, the entire unit withstood a cycle in the dishwasher without any issues. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the cubes came out and the ease of cleaning. Based on this performance, Souper Cubes seems likely to become a staple in my meal-prep routine.

Veggie Ricer

The last item I evaluated in this kitchen gadget test series is a veggie ricer from Lekue. While the packaging refers to it simply as a veggie ricer, the Amazon listing describes it as a cauliflower ricer. Given that cauliflower is typically the go-to vegetable for ricing, I also find it fitting to call it a cauliflower ricer. The device is made up of three parts: a spiked base, a container, and a spiked lid. To use it, you load the ingredients into the container, assemble the parts, and begin grinding. Despite some Amazon reviews suggesting it could be a tedious process, I found it fairly straightforward and quick, requiring less than a minute to produce satisfactory results for 1 cup of cauliflower.

For comparison, I decided to test the efficiency of my Ninja Express Chop against the manual ricer. Although it might have been an uneven matchup—the electric chopper turned out perfect cauliflower rice in under five seconds—it highlighted the advantages of both tools. While the electric chopper is faster, the Lekue Veggie Ricer has its place, especially in situations where electricity is not an option. For those instances, I believe the Lekue Veggie Ricer would be an excellent choice.


I had fun testing out these products and I’d say they all worked as expected. I did feel that they were all a bit on the expensive side given the materials that are used. The burger press, for example, was nearly $30 and is simply two pieces of molded silicone. Price aside, I do think all of these worked as expected.

If you’ve used any of these products, tell me what you think in the comments below!



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