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Today I’m happy to present my 7th annual Best of the Year countdown in which I take a look back at the nearly 200 products I reviewed in 2023, and offer my picks for the best of the bunch. As always, the items on this countdown may not be new products in 2023, but they were new to me this year. Products on this list came from Amazon, Shark Tank, As Seen on TV, and more.

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Below is a list of all of the products in my countdown (12 total if you count my two Honorable Mentions). The list is sorted alphabetically so you can find the products you’d like. I keep these links updated fairly regularly.

Top 10 Best Products of 2023

10. Ninja Thirsti

Ninja, a brand that has consistently impressed and made it to the top of my Best of the Year lists not once, but twice, makes a triumphant return in 2023 with the Ninja Thirsti. This innovative countertop beverage system offers an extensive variety of carbonated drinks, boasting the unique capability of utilizing up to two flavor pods simultaneously. You’re given the freedom to customize your drink experience with options like fizz intensity, flavor potency, and a versatile glass size range from 6 to 24 ounces. In a market brimming with choices, Ninja has managed to carve out its niche by offering a user-friendly and competitively priced product that stands out from the crowd.

You can purchase the Ninja Thirsti here.

Watch the full review below.

9. Ta-Da Chair

Imagine standing in an endless queue or wandering through bustling conventions where seating is nowhere to be found. Haven’t we all yearned for a chair we could magically summon at will? In 2023, I had the opportunity to review two models that promised just that. Among them, the Ta-Da Chair emerged as the clear choice in this space. Ingeniously designed, it doubles as a cane when folded, offering support and stability. But the real magic unfolds (literally) when it transforms into a sturdy chair. Capable of supporting up to 300lbs, the Ta-Da Chair is not just a convenience; it’s a game-changer for those long events where you’re mostly on your feet. This chair could be an essential companion for anyone who values comfort on the go.

Here’s where I picked up my Ta-Da Chair.

Check out my full review below.

8. Gravity Salt & Pepper Mills

At first glance, featuring a salt and pepper mill on a Best of the Year list might seem unremarkable. Yet, the “gravity” set I discovered this year is anything but ordinary and has earned its place in my kitchen toolkit. These battery-operated culinary wizards elegantly eliminate the traditional twist-and-grind hassle. Just flip them over and voilà – the electric motor kicks in, effortlessly dispensing salt or pepper. The added convenience of a coarseness adjustment dial personalizes your seasoning experience. And for that extra dash of cool, there’s a blue light that not only indicates operation but also adds a touch of geeky charm. This set isn’t just a tool; it’s a modern twist on kitchen essentials, blending convenience with style.

Get the Gravity Salt & Pepper Mills on Amazon.

You can see my full review below.

7. Ograte by Dreamfarm

My affection for Dreamfarm’s kitchen gadgets is hardly a secret, and this year, their Ograte circular grater has rightfully earned a spot in my Best of the Year selection. At first glance, one side appears as a standard grater, but the flip side is where the magic happens. This unique design allows for grating in a circular motion, turning the mundane task into a whirlwind of efficiency that could even challenge Usain Bolt’s speed. For those who’ve yet to experience the thrill of “speed grating,” the Ograte is a revelation waiting to be discovered. This is one of the few kitchen products among hundreds I’ve reviewed that earned a place in my kitchen.

Get Ograte on Amazon or at

Check out my review below.

6. Master Opener

This summer, during a casual evening of unwinding with QVC in the background, a kitchen gadget caught my attention amidst the hosts’ enthusiastic praises. Maybe it was their compelling sales pitch or just my innate curiosity, but I soon found myself in possession of this intriguing tool, eager to put it to the test. It’s the Kuhn Rikon Auto-Safety Master Opener, a Swiss Army knife for the kitchen. This gadget is not just a multitasker; it excels in its versatility. Equipped to function as a bottle opener, a can opener, and even a jar opener, it’s a Jack of All Trades of among kitchen tools. With its ability to replace multiple tools in your kitchen drawer, this opener is not just a gadget; it’s a space-saver, streamlining your kitchen experience with its all-in-one functionality.

You can pick up the Master Opener on Amazon at this link.

Watch my Kuhn Ricon Master Opener review below.

5. Frigidaire Ice Maker

My enthusiasm for ice makers is admittedly a bit higher than average, so naturally, an ice maker (or two) was bound to find its way onto my list. The first model that made the cut this year is by Frigidaire, a brand that stands out in a sea of similar no-name competitors. What sets this one apart isn’t just the trusted brand name, but also its competitive pricing, striking that sweet spot of value and quality. This workhorse of an ice maker continually churns out about a pound of ice per hour, a feature that has made it an almost daily staple in my routine. It’s a reliable and efficient companion for anyone who appreciates the convenience of having a steady supply of ice at their fingertips.

Follow this link to purchase the Frigidaire Ice Maker.

Check out the full review below.

4. Jogo Brew Straw

The fourth spot on my 2023 top picks list is reserved for what might be the most unique and innovative gadget I’ve seen in 2023. Enter the Jogo Brew Straw, a product that redefines the coffee-making experience. It’s not just a straw; it’s a revolutionary alternative to traditional coffee makers. This ingenious device lives up to the advertising hype by offering a cup of smooth, delicious coffee through a straw equipped with a filtered tip. The versatility doesn’t stop with coffee, though. I found it worked with iced tea as well, proving its multifunctional prowess. The Jogo Brew Straw could be a space-saver for small kitchens or RVs, and ideal for outdoor enthusiasts like hikers and campers who crave a good brew without the bulk of traditional equipment.

You can pick up the Jogo Brew Straw on Amazon.

Below you can see my full review.

3. Vacutrim

Reflecting on my inaugural “Best of the Year” countdown in 2017, which exclusively showcased As Seen on TV products, it’s interesting to note how things have evolved. Fast forward to 2023, and only one As Seen on TV gadget has made it onto my list, claiming the prestigious #3 spot: the Vacutrim. This isn’t just another electric trimmer. The Vacutrim stands out with its adjustable dial, a smart feature that eliminates the need for multiple attachments, which, let’s face it, often end up misplaced or lost. But the real game-changer is its built-in vacuum, adept at catching most whiskers, thus keeping your counter clean and tidy. It has been my go-to gadget for facial hair maintenance throughout 2023, and I find myself recommending it constantly.

Here’s where I purchased my Vacutrim.

Check out the video below for the full review.

2. Shokz OpenRun Headphones

This year, I finally dove into the world of bone conduction headphones, opting for a popular model, the Shokz OpenRun. While it’s true that one shouldn’t anticipate audiophile-grade fidelity from bone conduction technology, the tradeoff is undeniably advantageous – maintaining full awareness of your surroundings. Traditional headphones and earbuds often create a sense of disconnection from the world, an aspect I’ve never been fond of. However, with the Shokz OpenRun, I can enjoy a podcast or music while still being attuned to the ambient sounds around me. What’s more, their comfort is exceptional. They’re so lightweight and unobtrusive that I’ve often forgotten I’m wearing them, inadvertently keeping them on for hours post-use.

Buy Shockz OpenRun from Amazon here.

Watch the full review below.

1. Easy-Release Ice Cube Trays

My fondness for ice-making gadgets is no secret, as evidenced by their recurring appearances in my Best of the Year countdowns. Topping the list for 2023 is a seemingly simple yet brilliantly designed item – the easy-release ice cube tray. This isn’t your ordinary ice tray; it’s a double-decker marvel that allows you to freeze two batches of ice simultaneously and store up to four batches. Its ingenious covered design is a significant plus, shielding your ice from those pesky freezer odors that can often infiltrate and alter the taste.

Initially, I had my reservations about the durability of its soft silicone base – a feature designed for effortless ice release. However, these concerns were quickly dispelled as it proved to be robust and resilient, even under the rigors of daily use. Priced at less than $20, this ice cube tray would be a welcomed addition to most freezers.

This is the Amazon listing where I picked up my easy-release ice cube tray.

Below you can find the complete video review.

Honorable Mention

There were a couple of items I wanted to mention that didn’t quite make the cut, so below are a couple of honorable mentions.

Wrap Buddies

My Best of the Year is released during the holiday season, so I wanted to include a gadget that I think will be useful to most people who wrap more than a few gifts over the holiday season. Not only does this product hold wrapping paper in place, but it includes two tape dispensers for easy access. It’s a simple idea, but quite welcome this time of year.

Purchase Wrap Buddies here.

Check out the full video below.

Candle by the Hour

One look at the Candle by the Hour and you know this is no ordinary candle. It is a self-extinguishing, no-drip beeswax rope candle. Burning at a rate of about 20 minutes per inch, it provides about 80 hours of candlelight overall, and it’s a unique display and conversation piece. I’ve had numerous compliments on mine in the brief time that I’ve owned it.

Here’s the Amazon listing for Candle by the Hour, and note that there are several designs in addition to the model I bought.

Watch my full review of Candle by the Hour below.

I want to thank everyone who has watched, liked, shared, commented, and subscribed over the past 6 years. I hope you have a great 2024!

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