blanquil chill review

BlanQuil Chill is a weighted blanket made from a cooling fabric that absorbs moisture. Does it really work? Here is my BlanQuil Chill review.

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Where to Purchase

You can buy these from or Amazon. Here is the original quilted version. As of this 2020 update, the “Chill” listing on Amazon has since been altered and I don’t see this version being sold there at all. There are, however, still comments related to the “Chill” version in this listing (although the current product on that listing is the regular Blanquil). You may still be able to find the Chill version at It appears that this item is no longer being promoted, perhaps due to underwhelming consumer response, or perhaps due to seasonal fluctuations.

About BlanQuil Chill

BlanQuil Chill is a weighted blanket made from a material that distributes body heat to keep you cool while you sleep. The official product website is, which was registered in December 2017.

blanquil chill review

Claims & Features

  • Comfortable polyester fleece supports better sleep
  • Promotes relaxation while decreasing anxiety
  • Uses “compression therapy” to produce the feeling of being hugged
  • Cool material is ideal for preventing warmth while sleeping
  • Detachable outer cover can be washed in a washing machine


BlanQuil Chill costs approximately $250, but prices may vary depending on where it is purchased. It is available online at the product website or Amazon, and is also available in stores such as Macy’s. There are two versions of the BlanQuil Chill: 15 lbs and 20 lbs.

BlanQuil Chill Review

This review is of the 15 lb version of the BlanQuil Chill. My daughter has used the original quilted BlanQuil (20 lb version) for over a year, and the first thing I noticed after unboxing is how different the Chill version looks. I hopped into bed and covered myself with the blanket and immediately noticed that it felt cooler than the original, and I could feel the compression effect as well. I would describe the compression effect as similar to that of a lead blanket used at dentist offices during X-rays.

I was curious what was inside the BlanQuil Chill, so I unzipped it and found that it was made of quilted sections like the original, but they didn’t feel quite as thick. The inside of each quilted square is filled with small silicone beads and dioxide balls that feel almost like sand. There are also ties which attach the outer covering to the weighted part of the blanket to keep everything in place.

Like the original BlanQuil, the weighted section is not supposed to be washed, but the outer covering is machine washable. On the original, the frayed edges of the ties were slightly difficult to put through the loops when attaching the outer covering to the weighted section. The ties on BlanQuil Chill were a bit narrower which would seem to make them easier to attach and detach. However, I still had some trouble reattaching them.

Completely detaching the weighted section from the outer covering took me around 3 minutes, and reattaching them took around 5 minutes. Reattaching the covering to the original also took me around 5 minutes. Although the narrower ties on the Chill were an improvement, I think an even bigger improvement would be larger loops, but I don’t consider that to be a deal breaker.

Next I put the original BlanQuil and the Chill side by side for a comparison. My first observation is that the outer layer of the Chill has a different texture and the material does have a cooler sensation than the original.

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My daughter and I have tried both versions, so we had a conversation about our thoughts on each blanket. As mentioned above, she has been using the original BlanQuil for over a year and loves it. She likes the compression effect, and feels like it helps her fall asleep faster. The blanket was too warm for her with the outer covering , so she mainly just uses the weighted section. We agreed on the warmth and the benefits of the compression effect

We also agreed that the BlanQuil Chill was cooler than the original, but I  found that it warms up quite a bit after a while. It isn’t really “cool” all night as the name of the product implies, but I would say it’s cooler than the quilted cover from the older model.

In regards to the 15 and 20 lb weight difference, my daughter definitely preferred the heaviness of the original. Her ideal would have been the 20 lb weighted section of the original with the cooler outer covering of the BlanQuil Chill.

Comparing the current prices, the original costs around $170 while the BlanQuil Chill runs about $250 (a difference of $80). This price difference is definitely something to consider, and I’m not sure if the more expensive price of the Chill justifies it over the original.

To conclude, the BlanQuil Chill is cooler than the original, but it does warm up through the night. I’m on the fence on whether or not the extra cost over the original BlanQuil is worth it, but this is just my personal opinion. Other users may feel differently.

2020 Update

I still stand by my original opinion stated above. We are in the midst of our second summer here in Las Vegas since first testing out the Blanquil Chill, and neither my daughter nor I have pulled it out of the closet. She still prefers the original over the Chill version, even in the summertime. That is due to the fact that the cooling effect is so minimal that it is not worth the effort to change blankets twice a year. 

Be sure to watch my full BlanQuil Chill review below.

Your BlanQuil Chill Reviews

Have you used BlanQuil Chill or something like it? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

Updated June 2020.


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