Presto Stuffler Review: A Stuffed Waffle Maker Worth Your Counter Space?

Today I’m testing the Presto Stuffler, a gadget promising to revolutionize breakfast with its stuffed waffle prowess. With my golden retriever Bailey as my faithful audience, I embarked on a culinary test drive, crafting three distinct waffles: egg & cheese, pizza, and chicken & waffles. Here’s the scoop on how it all went down.

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Presto Stuffler Review

Where to Purchase

I picked up my Presto Stuffer from Amazon (link) for about $50 where it ranges from $50-$70 and holds strong consumer ratings, along with the impressive-yet-mysterious “Amazon’s Choice” label.

First Impressions

The Stuffler sports a Belgian waffle design with a twist – a flipping mechanism and a waffle tong built into the device for easy removal of your culinary creations. Its unique selling point? The ability to craft thick, stuffed waffles with fillings far beyond the breakfast norm.

After a routine unboxing, instruction perusal, and a quick clean, it was time to heat things up. The preheating process is a straightforward 10-minute wait, though don’t expect any helpful indicators from the machine’s light—it’s merely decorative during this phase. The instructions also state that oil is not needed, while nonstick spray is even discouraged. They state that certain recipes may warrant a little oil, but usually it is not necessary. I stuck with pre-packaged waffle mix and did not use oil.

The Cooking Chronicles

My first attempt was a scrambled egg & cheese waffle. The Stuffler suggests a third of a cup of batter for the base, topped with your choice of filling to halfway up the grid blocks, then sealed with more batter. It’s a race against the clock as the batter begins to cook instantly, urging you to layer your ingredients quickly before closing and flipping the machine. After a seven to eight-minute wait, the moment of truth revealed a beautifully thick and inviting waffle. The tong, albeit a bit warm, was a handy tool, but beware—things can get sticky, potentially requiring some gentle prying.

Next up, the pizza waffle, following a recipe from the included manual. This creation combined two slices of mozzarella, two tablespoons of pizza sauce, and 8 slices of pepperoni, enveloped in batter. The result? A gooey, cheesy delight with a perfectly crispy exterior. Bailey, ever my shadow, seemed as enticed by the aroma as I was by the taste.

The final test was chicken & waffles, a classic combo. For this recipe I simply used two crispy chicken strips as the filling. This attempt taught me that while it might seem full, there’s always room for more chicken. Drizzled with honey, this waffle was a sweet and savory triumph, despite my underestimation of filling capacity.

I should also point out that the instructions clearly state that fillings such as meats should be pre-cooked and room temperature or warmer. The unit doesn’t cook hot enough or long enough to properly cook meats. Thus, the chicken I used for my final test had just come out of the oven and were already hot prior to being placed in the unit.

Final Verdict

As someone who is usually pretty skeptical of these types of appliances, the Presto Stuffler was impressive in its ease of use and final results. It delivers on its promise of thick, stuffed waffles filled with whatever your heart (or stomach) desires. The built-in tong is a thoughtful addition, although it can get warm and occasionally sticks to the waffles. I didn’t use oil for any of my tests and the waffles all came right out of the unit with ease. Each culinary experiment was a success, hinting that this gadget’s potential will only expand with use.

If you’ve tried the Stuffler or similar devices, tell me what you think in the comments below.


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Eleanor Lancaster
Eleanor Lancaster
4 months ago

I bought the presto stuffler waffle maker and we love it!! So many things you can make!! Did pizza pockets with pizza dough and they were a hit!! You can really put anything in this and it will taste amazing! Very happy with my purchase 👍🏻😊