Three Popcorn Products Put to the Test: A Review

Who doesn’t love a good movie night with a bowl of freshly popped popcorn? In my quest for the perfect popcorn experience, I decided to test out three different popcorn products and share my thoughts with you. From the popular Ecolution Microwave Popcorn Popper to the convenient Dash Popcorn Ball Maker and the unique Cheerie Lane popcorn pods, let’s see how these products stack up.

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Three Popcorn Products Reviewed

I tested all three of these products out, and here are my results.

Ecolution Microwave Popcorn Popper

The Ecolution Microwave Popcorn Popper first arrived unsolicited in my PO Box months ago, but when I finally decided to test it, I realized that it’s currently the #1 Best Seller on Amazon with nearly 60,000 reviews. The “snack size” model that I have costs $13, while a larger option is available for $20. To use this popper, you simply add popcorn kernels up to the fill line, which is about one-sixth of a cup. You can also add butter, which melts and drizzles down onto the popcorn.

When I tested the Ecolution Popper without butter, I was pleasantly surprised. It took only around a minute and 40 seconds, and the number of unpopped kernels was minimal. However, I wanted to see how the butter would affect the results, as that seemed to be a point of contention among some reviewers on Amazon. Contrary to those mixed reviews, I didn’t encounter any burnt butter, soggy popcorn, or excessive unpopped kernels when I tried it with a pat of butter. It’s worth noting that I used a small amount of butter, which might have made a difference.  Overall, the Ecolution Popcorn Popper is an affordable and user-friendly option, perfect for personal-sized portions.

Ecolution Popcorn Popper is currently an Amazon Best Seller.
It created a batch of popcorn in under 2 minutes.

Dash Popcorn Ball Maker

Next up is the Dash Popcorn Ball Maker, which I purchased as a 4-pack for $20. This product offers a different popcorn experience by allowing you to create popcorn balls with minimal effort. The process is simple: mix up your desired recipe, scoop up the popcorn with the base, apply the lid, and give it a twist. You can even insert a popsicle stick for added convenience.

Using the Dash Popcorn Ball Maker, I tried their marshmallow popcorn ball recipe and found the process straightforward. Although one popcorn ball maker was sufficient for me, having multiple could be handy when making popcorn balls with kids or for larger gatherings. I also attempted making a popcorn ball using my hands, which worked but was messier and lacked the perfectly round shape achieved with the Dash Popcorn Ball Maker. If you enjoy the fun and creativity of popcorn balls, this product is a worthy addition to your kitchen.

Creating popcorn balls is easy with this Dash popcorn ball maker.

Cheerie Lane Popcorn Pods

The Cheerie Lane popcorn pods offer a unique twist on traditional popcorn. Resembling rice cakes, these disks come coated in a layer of butter and flavoring. I purchased a 4-pack for $11.50, making each pod approximately $2.88. To prepare them, you simply place the pods in a pot, cover and vent, and heat for about 4-8 minutes.

I found the flavor of the Cheerie Lane popcorn pods to be excellent, delivering a satisfying and enjoyable snacking experience. The convenience and simplicity of making these pods added to their appeal. However, the cost per pod is nearly $3 each, which may be a deterrent for many consumers seeking an affordable popcorn option. While the taste is excellent, it’s worth considering the price before indulging in these gourmet-style popcorn treats.

A popcorn pod placed in a pot.


After putting these three popcorn products to the test, it’s clear that each offers its unique advantages. The Ecolution Microwave Popcorn Popper impresses with its affordability and ease of use, although caution may be necessary when using larger amounts of butter. The Dash Popcorn Ball Maker provides a convenient and mess-free solution for creating popcorn balls, especially when involving children. Lastly, the Cheerie Lane popcorn pods deliver fantastic flavor but come with a slightly higher price tag.

If you’ve used any of these products, tell me what you think in the comments below.

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1 year ago

I don’t know anyone who eats only a coffee mug of popcorn. :o) If the large one works as well as the smaller, however, the Ecolution Microwave Popcorn Popper would be great. I’m not so sure about the Cheerie Lane Popcorn Pods. They’re sort of like microwave popcorn without the bag. Having to melt down an oil “cake” doesn’t seem very healthy as opposed to air popping or popping with (fresh) liquid oil, grease, or butter. They didn’t appear to save any time nor really look more convenient in any way. I’d pass even before knowing the price. You can… Read more »