Air Hawk Review: Cordless Air Compressor

Air Hawk Review: Cordless Air Compressor
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Air Hawk is a cordless, handheld air compressor which allows you to inflate tires and other items in minutes. Does it work as advertised? Read my hands-on Air Hawk review.

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About Air Hawk

Air Hawk is a handheld air compressor with a built-in pressure gauge and automatic shut-off feature. The official product website is buyairhawk.com, which was registered in August 2016. You can see a screenshot below of the official website taken in February 2017.

air hawk pro review

Claims & Features

  • Inflates any tire in seconds
  • Digital LED gauge and LED light
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 12 volt adapter
  • Can inflate other items
  • Automatic shut-off
  • 125 max psi


Note: The original cost of Air Hawk was $39.95 + $4.95 P&H. That has since changed.

You can get Air Hawk from the official website for two payments of $29.95 + $14.95 P&H. This includes the Air Hawk, rechargeable battery, AC charger, and 3 nozzles. A deluxe upgrade is also added, which includes a carrying case, car charger, and built-in LED light. A $1 “web service fee” is added to all orders.

In February 2017, Air Hawk rolled out to stores for about $60.

Air Hawk Review

Air Hawk (not to be confused with AirHawk seat cushions or Air Hawk tires) is a cordless air compressor. It is a multipurpose device which can be used to inflate balls, bike tires, car tires, toys, and more. Three nozzles are included in order to adapt the unit to a wide array of items, and these are conveniently stored on the item’s base.

air hawk pro review

To use Air Hawk, you simply attach the nozzle to the item to be inflated, and press the button. A digital readout shows the current pressure, and you can set the device to shut off when a desired pressure is reached. In my tests, I found that the unit continued to run even after the target pressure was reached, although the gauge did not reflect the continuing increases in pressure. Despite this shortcoming, it did inflate tires far faster than the Air Dragon, a competing air compressor advertised on television.

Air Hawk has the look and feel of a cordless drill, right down to the handle and rechargeable battery in the base of the unit.

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Although Air Hawk may not completely replace a standard air compressor, it is certainly more convenient if you need to pump up a bicycle tire, or add some air to your car’s tires. Because it is battery-operated, you should not expect it to be as powerful, or as fast, as a regular air compressor. For most consumers, the size, portability, and convenience are probably a worthy trade-off. I found that it took about 6-7 minutes to inflate a tire, although there are numerous factors which could affect this. I was able to inflate two nearly-flat tires on a single charge, in about 12 minutes. The battery should last around 15 minutes per charge, and takes about 3 hours to recharge.

air hawk pro battery

The Air Hawk Pro battery information.

air hawk pro info

Additional info on the Air Hawk Pro handle.

I think Air Hawk will be highly rated by those who have realistic expectations regarding a battery-operated air compressor, and who don’t mind the gauge being a bit iffy. The $15 in processing and handling seems excessive, and can be completely sidestepped if you purchase this in stores. Some potential customers have told me that 6 minutes to inflate a tire is a deal-breaker for them.

Air Hawk is still a relatively new item, with a website that was only created in August 2016. For this reason, you may want to exercise patience with shipping, which is often slower with new As Seen on TV products. Pick it up locally to avoid shipping costs and delays.

It would appear that Air Hawk received a redesign at some point and has now been branded as Air Hawk Pro, sporting a very slightly different look than originally shown in the advertising. I don’t know if there are any functional differences, or if the name has simply been changed from “Air Hawk” to “Air Hawk Pro.”


Air Hawk looks quite close in design to this Electric Air Pump by Ideaworks. That item costs about $50 and has a 4 star rating among a small handful of consumers. When you factor in Air Hawk’s $15 shipping versus free shipping for Amazon Prime customers, the IdeaWorks version ends up being less expensive. Air Hawk is still slightly more expensive when purchased in stores, but you don’t have to wait for shipping.

Air Dragon is BulbHead’s portable air compressor, which you can see my review posted below. Although that item did inflate a tire, it took 15 minutes and had to use power from the car’s battery.

Video Review

See my first-look at Air Hawk in the video below.

Related Review

Below is a hands-on review of a competing product called Air Dragon. You may be interested to see how it performed.

Your Air Hawk Reviews

Have you used Air Hawk? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below and a star rating above.

Updated February 2017.

  • BringonDrLiberty

    The one thing I’m curious about before I decide it’s worth pulling the trigger is whether it can be run on the cigarette lighter adapter, or if that can only be used to recharge the battery. Also it looks like the battery is going to be a custom molded fit, which might mean a limited life for this tool when that battery stops taking a charge.

    • Mickey West

      it says that a 12 volt adapter comes with it

      • BringonDrLiberty

        Yes I saw that, but it still doesn’t indicate whether either power adapter can be used to actually power it (once the battery no longer takes a charge), or if it’s only good for charging (in which case the device becomes more or less obsolete once the battery no longer charges).

        • Bill Byrd


          Inflates Any Tire in Just SecondsDigital LED Pressure GaugeAutomatically Shuts Off at Correct PressureBuilt-in LED LightPowerful Air Compressor TechnologyPin Attachments IncludedRechargeable Battery / AC Charger12V Cable adapter for continuous power

          Here it says 12v continuous power.

          • John Lyndon

            it says 15-25 MINUTES to inflate most tires.

          • Garry A Staup

            now that I believe and not the 3 second inflation time they advertise.. duh

        • bobdog19006

          I have a 12v compressor from another maker, bought in an auto parts store.

          I’d contain my optimism if I were you.

  • telly7494

    I just left the site and it’s 2 payments of $29.95 plus $14.95 S&H.

  • Jay Nichols

    The ad says it will inflate a tire in seconds ( and the TV ad shows a car tire going from flat to inflated in seconds). None of the reviews I’ve seen has actually tested the Air Hawk. Has anyone ever used it?

  • Patti Roselli

    My bike needs a high tire pressure of 50-75 psi. Anyone think this will do the trick?

  • L.B.

    Max psi?

    • On the handle, it lists a max PSI of 125.

  • Steve Caruso

    This Compressor has been on back order for a long time since Nov 24 any ideas on when this will be back in stock?

    • Jay Btr

      You mean you’re going to buy this piece of crap?

  • Paul Marado

    It uses the outside air to fill the tire. Interesting.

  • Donald Woolston

    Better portable 12 Volt compressors are readily available from auto parts stores and are better built units and more accurate and reliable.

  • Jordan

    Did you try using it in your ass? Feels so good putting air in your bum bum

    • Pat, Widow of an Air Force Vet

      Sorry for you. Hope you get happy someday.

      • Jordan

        Grow up!

        • Pat, Widow of an Air Force Vet

          Pretty well grown up at this point. Still sorry for your anger.

  • Jay Btr

    Thanks for the honest review, you just saved me a bunch of money ! Forget about it !

  • Terry Kay

    The tv ads looked gr8.. After purchasing., seeing & using it., well….. Light & flimsy.. Cheaply made.. Tried it out on my home Craftsman lawn tractor tire.. After it did ‘eventually’ inflate the small tire I knew it was going to be returned.. Which I did from local Target.. Save your hard earned cash folks., Air Hawk is a waste.. A friend has an Air Dragon that is much more solid., works well & a worthy investment.. Am going to be checking into that soon..

  • rwest

    7 weeks since I placed my order and status is still “Order Placed”. What kind of customer service is this? NOT!

  • flagrante_delicto

    Interest that I cannot find what the max PSI that this product can obtain.