Scrubtastic Review: Does This Spinning Scrubber Work?

Scrubtastic is a 300 RPM cordless rechargeable scrubber that makes cleaning easier. Does it work? Read our Scrubtastic review.

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About Scrubtastic

Scrubtastic is an electric scrubbing tool that allows you to effortlessly clean your bathroom without effort. The official product website was originally, which was registered in August 2016. By 2017, an association with Clorox was formed and the official site now appears to be You can see screenshots below of the official website taken in October 2016 and in March 2017. Note the lack of the Clorox brand name in the earlier snapshot.

scrubtastic review

Scrubtastic from October 2016, before being branded under the Clorox name.

clorox scrubtastic review

The 2017 website is branded under the Clorox name.

Claims & Features

  • Does all the difficult scrubbing for you
  • Helps restore fixtures to like-new
  • 300 RPM scrubbing power
  • Works on soap scum, lime, and hard water
  • Extension handle
  • Round and angled heads


You can get Scrubtastic for $39.95 with free shipping. A second unit can be added for another $10. There is a 10-year limited warranty.

I found Clorox Scrubtastic at a local mall in a store called Kitchen Collection, for $39.99.

Scrubtastic Review

Note: When I  first took a look at this item in October 2016, it was simply called Scrubtastic. By early 2017 it had been re-branded “Clorox Scrubtastic.” It doesn’t appear that anything about the device has changed, including the price.

Scrubtastic is a cordless, rechargeable bathroom cleaner. Its 300 RPM spinning action and extension handle will allow you to tackle troublesome cleaning tasks around the bathroom. Several different cleaning heads are included, giving you the opportunity to fine-tune your cleaning job.

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To use Scrubtastic, you simply choose your desired cleaning head and press a button. You can use it as a smaller handheld cleaning device, or use the extension wand to stand while cleaning.

It should generally work as advertised, although you should probably keep your expectations realistic. Most powered handheld scrubbers like this do a pretty good job for mild to medium cleaning jobs, but require significantly more pressure on tougher areas. The extension wand is a nice touch, although it can be awkward while exerting pressure on places like the wall of a bathtub.


Scrubtastic is effective on tile.


You can use Scrubtastic on windows.

clorox scrubtastic

I was happy with the results after using Scrubtastic on a shower door.

Bathroom scrubbers are a perennial favorite among As Seen on TV advertisers and the buying public. In recent months I’ve evaluated several such products, including Hurricane Spin Scrubber and Turbo Scrub, which offer many of the same features found in Scrubtastic. It is perhaps due to the popularity of those products that Scrubtastic has been re-branded as Clorox Scrubtastic. There is very little visual difference between these three items, from the “300 scrubs per minute” to the inclusion of a dome, flat, and corner brush.

Overall, I think consumers will generally like Scrubtastic. Those will realistic expectations will likely be the most satisfied customers. For mild to moderate cleaning jobs, Scrubtastic should be more than sufficient. Harder jobs may require some elbow grease to make a dent.


Besides Hurricane Spin Scrubber and Turbo Scrub, perhaps the most popular alternative to Scrubtastic is the Quickie Tub N Tile Power Scrubber. That product also features a rechargeable design, extension handle, and two different heads. It currently holds about a 4 star rating among hundreds of consumers.

Below you can see a comparison of Hurricane Spin Scrubber and Turbo Scrub.

Your Scrubtastic Reviews

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Updated March 2017.

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