Beddie Bear Review: Collectible Teddy Bears

Beddie Bear Review: Collectible Teddy Bears
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Beddie Bear is a plush collectible stuffed animal which contains a comfy blanket. Does it work? Read our Beddie Bear review.

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About Beddie Bear

Beddie Bear is a stuffed animal which contains a cushy blanket concealed behind a “secret zipper.” The product website is beddiebears.com, which was first registered in September 2016. The screen shot below shows how the product website looked in February 2017.

beddie bear review

Claims & Features

  • 22″ tall stuffed animal
  • Cozy blanket hidden inside
  • Three available models: brown bear, polar bear, or panda
  • Any age can enjoy
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Includes certificate of authenticity


A single Beddie Bear costs $49.95. Shipping is said to be free.

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Beddie Bear Review

Beddie Bears are plush teddy bears that include a zipper around the neck which reveals a pocket that holds an included blanket. While a toy of this description hardly sounds groundbreaking, the makers of Beddie Bears have a slight twist in the marketing which could help this plush line of bears stand out among the sea of competitors.

Although Beddie Bears look to be well-made, attractive plush teddy bears, it can be a hard market to break into, with so many teddy bears already available online and in stores. Where the makers of Beddie Bears seek to carve a niche is in the gray area that overlaps collectible bears and plush bears for kids. Each bear comes with a certificate of authenticity, and we are also told that “Each of these Beddie Bears will be retired on December 31, 2017.”

Thus, Beddie Bears provide a plush bear with an included blanket that is also a limited edition item that can be appealing to anyone from kids to collectors.

Of course simply including a certificate of authenticity and “limited edition” label doesn’t automatically create demand for any item. Beddie Bears are pretty new, with a September 2016 website registration date, and an even newer advertising campaign.

It remains to be seen if the marketing can spark enough interest to make this a compelling choice or kids or collectors. The $50 price tag puts it somewhere between a pimped out Build-A-Bear and a higher-end Vermont Teddy Bear. Most As Seen on TV teddy bears marketed solely to kids are usually about $30, so this may be a hard sell in that category.


The idea of a teddy bear with an enclosed blanket isn’t a completely new concept, as you can see by this $15 bear by Thirty-One, which also includes a blanket in a zippered enclosure. Additionally, collectible teddy bears with certificates of authenticity are also quite easy to find.

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