CarMD Reviews

CarMD Reviews
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CarMD is a device which is advertised as a way to diagnose problems with your vehicle. Here is our CarMD review plus key product information.

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CarMD claims to work with all cars that are made after 1996. The device plugs into your car and shows you “exactly what’s wrong with your car and exactly what it will cost to fix it before you ever set foot in a repair shop.” Does it work?

In an article entitled “Device is a poor substitute for a real mechanic,” CNET concludes that “it would probably be best just to find a mechanic you do trust…”

There are also a few complaints worth browsing on Ripoff Report and Scambook.

In our test of the product, we found that the success of the product was hit and miss. It does not reset warning lights, and the results were not always accurate. It will also present a number of “technical bulletins” of little use to the non-mechanic type – and which must be purchased individually or via subscription. Overall, we did not find CarMD to be of much use. Having a mechanic explain the important codes is far more valuable – and many mechanics will evaluate a car for little or no charge.

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There are other competing products available, with more favorable reviews and sometimes even a lower cost. It will pay to shop around here. And, unless you are a DIY type, these devices are little substitute for a trusted mechanic.

Official Website

  • carmd.com
  • Registered December 22, 2003


  • Phone: 888-MyCarMD (1-888-692-2763)
  • Fax: 714-241-3979
  • Hours: Mon – Sat, 9AM – 5PM PST
  • Address: 17352 Von Karman Avenue, Irvine, CA 92614


  • Tagline: “For the Life of your car.”
  • “The company has aggressively moved into the vehicle information services market by enabling our partners with products that deliver on lowering the cost of vehicle ownership.”
  • “Our products employ the latest technologies that help our customers decipher vehicle diagnostic information using simple, quick and accurate methods.”
  • “Our platform is where consumers go for ‘all things automotive.'”
  • “CarMD is the only organization to put its finger on the pulse of the raw data associated with vehicle failure and repair issues.”
  • We have seen this product for sale at HSN and Sears.


  • The The CarMD Vehicle Health System comes by itself or in a two-pack.
  • One is $119.85 (you can either pay $119.85 up front or in three payments of $39.95.) and the second one is $199.71 (payable as a lump $199.71 or three payments of $66.57.) .


  • This is a screenshot of the official website, taken in January 2014.


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  • This is an advertisement for CarMD.

CarMD Reviews

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