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Gym1 Review: Does This Indoor Gym Work?

Gym1 is a set of indoor playground attachments for kids that can quickly be installed in doorways. Does it really work? Here is my Gym1 review.

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About Gym1

Gym1 is a portable indoor play set for children. It includes a sturdy steel bar that fits into any standard door frame and a number of attachments that kids can swing and climb on. The official product website is, which was registered in September 2017. The screenshot below shows how the product website looked in October 2017.

gym1 review

Claims & Features

  • Steel bar takes moments to install (place in standard door frame and tighten)
  • Certified to hold over 300lbs
  • Does not require drilling holes
  • Will not damage doorways


There are two main options when purchasing Gym1. The 6 pc. Deluxe Indoor Playground costs $159.95 and comes with a swing, rings, trapeze, ladder, and rope. A 4 pc. Indoor Playground costs $129.95 and comes with a swing, rings, and ladder. Shipping is free on both sets, but there is an option for expedited 2-5 day shipping for $19.95. It appears that there is also an option to do a 30 day trial for a shipping fee of $19.95, and the set can be kept by paying monthly installments.

Gym1 Review

The thought of kids playing outdoor activities indoors may make some parents cringe, but the reality is that kids just can’t go outside sometimes. Enter Gym1, a home gym that brings playground fun indoors, and its reviews online are rather impressive, such as this 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

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It would appear that Gym1 is the USA version of Gorilla Gym, which is more commonly available in the UK and Germany. That product was briefly marketed in the US back in 2015, and can still be found on Amazon, but the website only cites the UK and Germany as locations where it is sold.

Installation is simple, and uses the same technology as simple exercise bars which have been around for decades. You simply put the Gym1 in place and tighten. Although it isn’t promised to work on all doors, it does seem to accommodate the vast majority of door frames, and most consumers have reported that it installed without a hitch. You might want to test out your door frame to see if it can handle the weight you plan to put on it. Although Gym1 can handle over 300 pounds, your door frame may not be as sturdy. Some users have said they needed to put additional nails in the door frame for additional support. Another item to consider is placement. If there is a wall on the other side of your kid’s door, for example, you may not want them swinging inches away from it.

While Gym1 may not be a complete substitute for outdoor play, it can be a great way to supplement it on rainy days or extreme weather. Those who live in apartments or condos may also find it beneficial.

It’s advisable to place something soft below Gym1, especially when you have kids climbing a ladder – and inevitably falling off. Photos by consumers who own the product often show a mattress or pad on the floor underneath their gyms. Another area of concern could be the swing, if it is used by an overly-rambunctious child who may want to touch his feet on the ceiling or see how far he can jump off. Those concerns, however, do not seem to manifest in the very high consumer ratings and reviews around the internet for Gym1 and Gorilla Gym.

The adult version offers several functional exercises, but you can find many exercise bars at a local sporting goods store for significantly less cost. Thus, it seems that the children’s Gym1 is the item this company is promoting the most.

Gym1 is a great way to bring playground-style fun indoors. Keeping a close eye on rambunctious kids and a little padding on the ground below will ensure maximum fun. I’d skip the adult version for less expensive competing products.


As noted above, there are countless exercise bars on the market for adults. There is also a similar line product line for kids called Rainy Day by Playaway Toy Company, which includes a trapeze and swing. DreamGYM is a similar product that only costs about $100.

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