Metal Garden Hose Review: World’s Toughest Garden Hose?

Metal Garden Hose Review: World’s Toughest Garden Hose?
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Metal Garden Hose is a kink-proof, puncture proof hose made of industrial stainless steel. Does it actually work? Read our Metal Garden Hose review.

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About Metal Garden Hose

Metal Garden Hose is advertised as the “world’s toughest garden hose.” The official product website is metalgardenhose.com, which was registered in June 2016. The screen shot below was taken of the product website in January 2017.

metal garden hose review

Claims & Features

  • Lightweight
  • Made of high-grade industrial stainless steel
  • Available in 25, 50, 75 and 100 foot lengths
  • Kink resistant
  • Cool to the touch
  • UV and corrosion resistant


You can get Metal Garden Hose for the following prices:

  • 25 foot hose: $24.99 + $6.99 P&H = $31.98
  • 50 foot hose: $39.99 + $7.99 P&H = $47.98
  • 75 foot hose: $59.99 + $8.99 P&H = $68.98
  • 100 foot hose: $79.99 + $9.99 P&H = $89.98

Metal Garden Hose Review

The last few years have seen a spate of As Seen on TV hoses, all which claim to be stronger than the rest, and most of which have fallen short of consumer expectations. Even with improved fittings and brass connectors, these advertised hoses never seem to live up to the advertising hype. Now with Metal Garden Hose, we have a hose actually made of stainless steel and that can supposedly handle any water pressure you throw at it.

Metal Garden Hose resembles a long metal washer hose that has been adapted to home use. Due to its steel construction, you should be able to push any household water pressure through Metal Garden Hose without worry that it will burst. That is certainly an improvement over many of the retractable hoses on the market.

Although Metal Garden Hose is built to withstand the elements, that doesn’t mean it is immune to leaks, as couplings and gaskets can all fail in even the strongest of hoses. That said, you should still expect it to outperform standard and retractable hoses. I think most consumers will find Metal Garden Hose to be sturdy and durable.

In my tests of a 50-foot Metal Garden Hose, I ran over it with a car, tied it in a knot, ran it across sharp surfaces, and even pulled it over a cactus, and no leaks were sprung. The pressure was acceptable, but nothing extraordinary.

Overall, I think Metal Garden Hose will find a satisfied customer base, and that reviews will be generally positive once feedback begins to appear online. It passed all of the tests I threw at it, so I have no major complaints. The only tests I have not been able to perform are long-term durability and how accurate their cool-to-touch claims are. This summer I will put their claims that it stays cool to touch in the Las Vegas heat and update this space.

The 50-foot hose weighs exactly 5 pounds, while the 25 foot version is advertised to be under 3 pounds.

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Keep in mind that this is a new item, which means pricing could still change, especially as Spring approaches and (we assume) an increased advertising campaign begins. New As Seen on TV products tend to ship more slowly than established products, so you may want to keep that in mind when ordering. Now that it’s available in stores, you may want to look for it locally to avoid shipping charges and delays.

metal garden hose in a knot

Tying Metal Garden Hose in a knot didn’t stop it from working.

metal garden hose on a cactus

This cactus would have shred a rubber hose.

metal garden hose connectors

Both ends of Metal Garden Hose.

metal garden hose

A 50-foot Metal Garden Hose.

metal garden hose flexible

Metal Garden Hose is more flexible than I expected.


You may be surprised to find that there are other steel garden hoses on the market. Armadillo Hose Products, for example, has been making galvanized steel garden hoses for over a decade.

Video Review

Below is my first-look hands-on review of Metal Garden Hose.

Television Commercial

Your Metal Garden Hose Reviews

Have you used Metal Garden Hose? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below and a star rating above.

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  • Bogus Buddy

    Drinking safe?

    • No. The instructions state, “Portions of this hose are known by the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm. DO NOT drink from hose. Wash hands after use.”

      • Joel Hershberger

        The state of California says that everything causes cancer.

        • Welshdog

          That’s not true. 100% sure that if it is not safe for drinking then it is made of vinyl that contains a lead additive. When water sits in the hose the lead leaches out into that water. When you take a drink you get a nice dose of lead in yer gut. This has been a known issue with garden hoses for decades and many states regulate the use of lead containing water hoses – it’s not just a California thing.

      • Sara Jerpseth

        So then most likely wouldn’t want to water veggies with it if you can’t drink from it?

  • ALF Tanner

    I have used this hose a couple times to wash my car, and it is by far the best hose I have ever used. It is super flexible, and it is very kink resistant. It is light, and it is very easy to uncoil and coil before and after use. The only drawback I see so far is that the diameter is relatively small compared to most hoses; however, the water flow through the sprayer seemed to be fine.

    As for durability, time will tell.

  • Dennis Braton

    Wonder how this hose would work using in drain cleaning ? Can u push this down a drain line?

  • bantha

    Hello… just to give you some insight this metal hose technology is a rip off of the same technology that they used back in the days with the hand held shower heads in your bathroom shower………. they used the same type of metal tubing back then…….then they switched to a plastic substitute and now to a heavy duty vinyl tube ……take some time and think back in time when you were younger taking a shower with a hand held shower head ……trust me I have used then over the decades….this is not a new idea just someone who realized that shower hand held metal tube could be turned into a garden hose for more durability……..simple idea taken to a different use…..

    • mastador1

      And your point is? I don’t care if it is a rethinking of old tech, the reason they went from metal clad plastic hoses for showers is because the vinyl/plastic material was improved and more to the point it is far cheaper to not wrap it in metal. The issue is how durable, lightweight and cut/puncture resistant is this hose versus cost. A Craftsman lifetime 5/8 X50′ is about $35, but it’s heavy.

      • bantha

        my point is !!!! dont make it sound like its new technology on the commercials when it invented back in the days for a hand held shower head somebody got smart and used old tech to convert it to a garden hose thats all….i can go back in time and convert alot of old tech and make it look like new tech stuff. and i know all about newer materials and saving cost effective money in production. its still not a completely new concept for a garden hose they used old tech to up one on the expandable hose….which i have 3 and while they are great from the beginning they suck if you rub them against any sharp or rough object and i had one explode on me so this is why i am saying someone went back to old school tech and improved the garden hose. I see this crap all the time watching info commercials thats all have a nice day !!!

  • DB

    I assume this is imported. How good is the warranty?

  • Rosemary Kathryn

    I’m in the market for a new hose. Does anyone know the diameter of the metal hose? I read that 1/2″ is useless (low pressure when extended out). 5/8 and 3/4 is fine.

    • Rosemary Kathryn


    • mastador1

      Explain please how the pressure would be lower in a 1/2″ versus 5/8″ or 3/4″ hose, they all get the same pressure input, are you perhaps confusing volume with pressure?

      • Brian

        If you cap the end of the hose and pressurize it, you’re absolutely right. When water flows, however, it’s subject to friction along the walls of the hose, which results in turbulent flow. All of this results in limits in flow rates and resistance to flow. This means that as the flow rate increases, the pressure decreases. Analogous to Ohm’s Law with electricity flowing through wires.

  • vwman

    I need the volume of a 5/8” hose. Also, how many of us homeowners actually would torture a hose with sharp spikes and other hazards? I feel this product is on par with other hoses including rubber ones but I won’t buy it due to its 1/2 diameter.

  • Ila

    Have you tried to cut it with scissors yet on commercial they turn the scissors sideways so it doesn’t cut it would like to see someone really try to cut with scissors or use the grinder head on cause the steel they use is the weakest strength there is my husband uses as ironworker an he said the commercial doesn’t show head on use of grinder or scissors due to it will cut or damage it since they cut that grade of steel all the time so I’d like to see it head on with grinder and proper use of scissors

  • Sher Clem

    I bought the metal garden hose 100ft. Used it 3 times to water plants and on the 4th, turned water on and water shot out of several places on the hose. Called the company, they sent label for return and I sent it back. 2 weeks later, still no reimbursement back to my credit card, so I filed a claim with my credit card company. A week later, I get a conditional refund. Buyer Beware!

  • Bill Jordan

    Bought a 50′ back in April. Blew out the end fitting after 6 weeks. Very low water volume due to 1/2″ size. Appears that there is no warranty past 30 days. Dont waste your money.

  • Rick H

    The water pressure for my house before the regulator measures about 150.I have 125′ of goodyear rubber hose. Have yet to have a hose leak after 5 years of use. Have had a few at the connections,but not the hose. There have been a few times where the hose was left on for hours, holding 150 psi with no problems. The hose may cost a bit more than others, but, well worth the price. Hoses are definitely a “you get what you pay for” item.

  • Dale Marks

    As with Bill Jordan. I bought my Metal Garden Hose in March of this year. Crimped end of hose to spiral part of leaks. Advice to people who want to buy this product……DON’T…

  • ALF Tanner

    DO NOT BUY. This hose did not make it one season. Just like Dale Marks says, the female crimped end of the hose started leaking. The hose itself was really nice as it was light, easy to handle, and never kinked. But apparently they did not design it with a decent fitting on the end. It is really a shame.