potty patch review

Potty Patch Review: Does it Work?

Potty Patch is a simulated patch of grass which allow pets to use the bathroom indoors. Does it actually work? Read our Potty Patch review.

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About Potty Patch

Potty Patch is described as a “doggie restroom” that can be used indoors or on patios when pets can’t go outside. The official product website is pottypatch.com, which was registered in November 2008. The screen shot below was taken of the product website in December 2016.

potty patch review

Claims & Features

  • Looks and feels like real grass
  • Scented to attract dogs
  • Waste drains into base
  • Odor free
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for puppy training
  • Good for apartments, condos, or inclement areas


You can get a regular Potty Patch for $39.99 + $12.995 P&H, or a large version for $79.99 + $12.95 P&H.

You should be able to find Potty Patch in stores, for around the prices above – sans shipping.

Potty Patch Review

For some pet owners, the idea of Potty Patch – a small grass-like device on which dogs can relieve themselves – may seem like a no-brainer. Those who live in condos or in areas with inclement weather may be looking for a solution to allow their pets to “go” more easily.

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The product resembles a small piece of grass and includes a collection tray below, allowing liquid to pass through the faux grass, and supposedly leads to reduced odors.

Because Potty Patch isn’t a new product, there are numerous consumer reviews which you may peruse to help you decide if this is for you. As of this writing, there are over 175 ratings on Amazon for the small Potty Patch, giving it a moderate 3.4 star rating.

Taking into consideration consumer comments and our own experience with Potty Patch, we’ll provide a simple pro-and-con list below.


  • Function. If your dog uses it, this is a great way to avoid arduous walks if you live in a condo, high rise, or when the weather is inhospitable. It is also a good fit for people who work all day and want to allow their dogs to roam the home freely throughout the day without making a mess.
  • Pee Pad alternative. If your pup rejects pee pads, this could be a more “natural” solution, at least in the dog’s mind.
  • Accessories. You can purchase extra pads, which some consumers use to swap out, rather than use and clean the same one over and over.


  • Cleanup. Despite advertising suggestions of an easy cleanup, you’ll need to regularly clean out the tray and the patch. Many consumers have suggested placing a pee pad in the reservoir to reduce the cleanup process.
  • Smell. It doesn’t take long for the odors of Potty Patch to become noticeable. Constant cleaning is required to battle this problem.
  • Puppies. One of the primary uses for Potty Patch will be that of training puppies, and they may not always cooperate. There is nothing worse than a puppy playing with a smelly patch in your home.
  • Male dogs. Female dogs who use Potty Patch should have no problem with aim, but some male dogs may miss the mark.

Overall, if your pet uses Potty Patch and you don’t mind cleaning it regularly, it’s a great accessory for pet owners. Concerns with cleanup and smell seem to be where the most vocal complaints originate, and this is a rather subjective issue that bothers some consumers and not others.

If you’re still unsure, there are less expensive options (see below) you could try first before moving up to Potty Patch.


There are numerous puppy training patches on the market. PetSafe Pet Loo is perhaps a more elaborate – and expensive – option.

Your Potty Patch Reviews

Have you used Potty Patch? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below and a star rating above.

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