Pane DR Review: Does it Work?

Pane DR Review: Does it Work?
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Pane DR is a wedge shaped window cleaner with a 360 degree swiveling head. Does it really work? Here is my Pane DR review.

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About Pane DR

Pane DR by Fuller Brush Company is a window cleaning tool that features a swiveling wedge shaped head with a cleaning pad. The official product website is panedr.com, which was registered in May 2017. The screenshot below shows how the product website looked in October 2017.

pane dr review

Claims & Features

  • Miracle Microfiber pad cleans dirt and grime (washing machine compatible)
  • Miracle Scrubber pad for soap scum and water stains
  • Includes a built-in squeegee
  • 360° swiveling wedge shaped handle 
  • Cleans with water (does not require chemicals)


There is a mandatory double offer when ordering Pane Dr. The cost is $14.99 + $7.95 shipping + $7.49 double offer + $2 web surcharge fee for a total of $32.43. There is an option to insure your order for an additional $1.99 which would bring the total to $32.42. Each order comes with a Miracle Scrubber pad and a squeegee. At the time of this writing, Pane Dr is not available in stores.

Pane DR Review

Pane DR is a wedge-shaped cleaning device that allows you to easily remove dirt and grime from windows, while only requiring water as a cleaning agent. If you recall commercials for Roto Sweep in early 2017, then the commercial for Pane DR probably looks familiar to you. When I first saw the commercial for Pane DR begin with John Florell “The Fuller Brush Man” I literally cringed. Not because of anything with this product, but because the Fuller Brush name is attached to yet another As Seen on TV product. If you don’t know that back story, allow me to explain.

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When Roto Sweep came out earlier this year, the marketing also heavily invoked the reputable Fuller Brush name. Consumers swarmed to pick up this innovative broom (which was actually innovated years earlier by the man who invented the EasyEdge sweeper). The problem initially was that Roto Sweep was being test marketed, meaning consumers had to wait many weeks (or months) in order to receive the product. Once they did, it seemed flimsy and didn’t work as well as advertised. I found that it didn’t work as well as the other spin brooms on the market.

Consumers began to flood the Fuller Facebook page with complaints, only to find out that Fuller had nothing to do with the product, and the Fuller name had merely been licensed to an As Seen on TV company. Fuller did not manufacture, ship, or guarantee Roto Sweep. Consumers were livid. I personally felt like the hit to Fuller’s reputation wasn’t worth the licensing deal.

Thus, when I saw the same pitchman invoking the Fuller name for another As Seen on TV product, I feared this could be Round 2 of the black eye to the trusted Fuller name.

Regarding the product itself, we have a wedge-shaped pad on a handle. The head swivels as you move it around a window, and the wedge-shape allows you to get into corners more easily. The swivel feature could be a double-edge sword, though, as you may find it moving into positions you don’t want. I’m not sure that all buildup can be removed by just using water and one of these pads, however. The squeegee on the bottom of the head is a nice touch, and actually could be the feature that makes this useful.

I’ve used numerous products similar to this and I’ll link one of those video reviews below. What I’ve found is that these newer microfiber pads tend to retain dirt quickly, which is a good thing while cleaning, but it’s not so good when you want to use it a second time because they never really clean up to like-new condition. It has also been my experience that almost every As Seen on TV product that uses a handle ends up sporting a rather flimsy handle, so I wouldn’t expect the extension to be of significant use.

Pane DR appears to be a test marketed item, and it has been my experience that when consumers order test marketed items, they usually find their order in “back order” status almost immediately. It is frustrating to consumers, but it’s the only way these companies can test out products without having to make many units. I’ll continue to monitor this item and I’ll update as more information becomes available.


Clean Reach is probably the closest As Seen on TV competitor to Pane DR, as it features a wedge-shaped pad and extension handle. That item can now be found for about $10 and shipped via Amazon Prime. OXO Good Grips Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber is another similar item that could be used on windows.

You maybe interested in my my video review below of Clean Reach.

Television Commercial

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