Baker’s Edge Pan Review: Is It Worth The Hype (And The Price)?

Today I’m taking a look at the Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan, which sports a design that promises to deliver a coveted chewy brownie edge in every piece. This product isn’t new to the scene; it’s made its rounds on Shark Tank and various TV shows over the years. But at a price tag of $55, which I shelled out on Amazon, the big question looms: is it really worth it?

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Baker’s Edge Pan

Where to Purchase

I picked up my Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan on Amazon for $55. You can also order direct at, although the price there is about the same and as of this writing it is out of stock.


Upon unboxing, the pan’s presentation immediately caught my eye—sleek packaging paired with full-color instructions and a small spatula tailored for the pan’s unique design. My first impression was the pan’s significant weight, hinting at quality craftsmanship. The pan’s concept is straightforward: its interior walls are designed to add two or three chewy edges to every brownie, ensuring an even circulation of heat.

For my initial test, I opted for a Betty Crocker mix, which fit the pan’s recommended size of 9×13. Following the instructions, I sprayed the pan with nonstick spray (despite its nonstick claim) and prepared the mix. Admittedly, spreading the batter across the pan’s surface was slightly challenging due to its thickness, but not excessively so.

Fast forward 19 minutes in the oven, and the result? A visually satisfying batch of brownies that seemed to have settled evenly across the pan, debunking any concerns of unevenness. The real test, however, was the taste—and it didn’t disappoint. The edges were just as chewy as promised, delivering on the pan’s key selling point.

Day two brought a more ambitious project: one of the pan’s own recipes, which required a more substantial mix and a longer bake time. Despite the increased batch size and complexity, the process was smooth, and the outcome was equally impressive. Both the box mix and the recipe from the pan’s booklet yielded brownies that were a hit, with edges that lived up to every chewy expectation.

The verdict? The Baker’s Edge Pan delivers on its promise, creating chewy-edged brownies with ease. The quality, from its nonstick surface to the custom spatula, is above average. While the price point is steep, for those who can look past it, the pan is a worthwhile investment, especially for edge enthusiasts. The only problem now is figuring out who will help me devour this mountain of brownies!

Have you tried the Baker’s Edge Pan or anything similar? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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