A Crunchy Experiment: My Adventure with the Cheetos Duster

Today I’m checking out a product called the Cheetos Duster, a device that piqued my curiosity with its promise of turning one of my favorite snacks into a versatile seasoning. Yes, you heard that right—a 21-watt blender dedicated solely to pulverizing Cheetos into dust. I found this quirky gadget on Amazon for $30, and I just had to see if it lived up to its gimmicky allure.

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Cheetos Duster Review

Where to Purchase

I picked up my Cheetos Duster on Amazon for about $30. My box is dated 2023, and I’m under the assumption that this is not something that will be produced over the long run.

Unboxing and Setup

Unboxing the Cheetos Duster was an experience in itself. The device comes with a shaker lid designed for dispensing the Cheetos dust in varying quantities, and not one, not two, but three sets of instructions. Its sleek design caught my eye, but the real test was its performance. With a max fill line and a somewhat odd recommendation to use it at a 45-degree downward angle, the setup felt like a science experiment waiting to happen.

My test kitchen was stocked with four flavors of Cheetos: Crunchy, Puffs, Cheddar Jalapeno, and Flamin’ Hot. The goal? To see how this Cheetos dust could transform everyday foods like popcorn, baked potatoes, mac & cheese, and even a banana. Yes, a banana.

Tests and Tastes

The process was simple: fill, shake, and blend. However, it required more shaking than I anticipated, a small workout before the taste test. The Cheetos Duster did its job, albeit slowly, turning my crunchy snacks into a fine dust ready for seasoning. The only issue I had was with the Cheetos Puffs. Their large size did not facilitate much movement within the unit, so I was never able to properly grind them up in this blender.

Now, the fun part—tasting. The classic Crunchy Cheetos dust added a subtle cheese flavor to popcorn, a hint that left me wanting more. As I moved through the flavors, each brought its unique twist to the table. The Flamin’ Hot Cheetos dust on a PB&J? Surprisingly delicious, with the heat complimenting the cold jelly in a way I never expected.

Yet, not all experiments end in success. The attempt to dust a banana was, let’s say, interesting. The savory Cheetos dust clashed with the banana’s sweetness, a combination I won’t be revisiting anytime soon.


Comparing the Cheetos Duster to a more powerful blender revealed the gadget’s limitations. My $20 Ninja Chopper, with its 200-watt motor, turned the same snacks into dust in a fraction of the time. This test wasn’t to discredit the Duster’s effort but to highlight that, while it’s a fun novelty, it’s not a necessity for achieving the same result.


In conclusion, the Cheetos Duster is a whimsical addition to any kitchen, perfect for the Cheetos enthusiast looking to spice up their culinary creations. While it may not replace traditional blenders, it introduces a new way to enjoy a beloved snack. The dusting adventures led to some unexpected and delightful flavor combinations, proving that sometimes, it’s worth embracing the gimmicks. Whether it’s a hit or miss on your plate, the Cheetos Duster invites you to experiment and play with your food, a reminder that cooking should always have a dash of fun.

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