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BedJet V2 Review

The BedJet V2 is a programmable unit that uses air to safely and quickly heat or cool your bed. Does it really work? Here is my BedJet V2 review.

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About BedJet V2

BedJet V2 is a customizable air cooling and warming system for your bed. The official product website is, which was registered in March 2008. The screenshot below shows how the product website looked in March 2019.

bedjet v2 review

Claims & Features

  • Hourly heating/cooling customization of any size bed
  • Fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep for longer
  • Keeps you cool by rapidly wicking body sweat and heat
  • Air safely heats 15x quicker than an electric blanket
  • Includes essential oil aromatherapy diffuser kit
  • Option to upgrade to dual zone temperature (individually heats/cools each side of bed)


The BedJet V2 ranges in price from around $340 to $500 depending on whether or not there is a sale or not. It can be found online at the product website or on Amazon. At the time of this writing, the price included 30% off for a spring sale, so the non-sale price may usually be more expensive. Each unit comes with a wireless remote control (uses A23 battery) and a programmable Bluetooth app.

BedJet V2 Review

The BedJet is a climate control system for your bed. It blows cool or warm air under the sheets depending on your preference.

After receiving and unboxing my BedJet V2, I set the unit up with the help of the instruction booklet. Installation of the unit was fairly easy, and involved hooking up the air hoses to the edge of the bed while attaching the other end to the fan/motor unit which I was able to store underneath the bed.

For my initial test, I put on the sheets that are sold by BedJet, turned the unit on, and crawled into the bed under a new comforter with the remote control. Since it was kind of warm, I hit the cool button on the remote, and soon felt a nice breeze on my legs and lower part of my body.

To better demonstrate how the BedJet works, I activated it without a blanket. You are supposed to use a blanket on top of the sheet that comes with the unit in order to keep the air held against your body. As I turned the BedJet on, I could see the sheet inflating like a balloon as the air moved beneath it.

Next I examined the remote control and its features. There is a power increase and decrease, heat and cool buttons, a turbo heat button, a mute button, and an auto shutoff advance. The remote is functional, but I was far more impressed with the Bluetooth app which included many more features. There is even a chart on the app where you can set the exact temperature that you want. As I was testing the app, I noticed how quietly the the motor/fan in the BedJet was running.

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I actually preferred my Purple sheets to the dual layered sheets that came with BedJet, so I tried using the Purple sheets for my next test. When I first got into bed, I couldn’t really feel the air from the unit, but after several seconds, I felt a cool breeze coming up from the bottom of the bed which felt pretty good. Although the dual layered cloud sheets are slightly more effective, I was pleased to find that I could still use the BedJet with my favorite Purple sheets. I can definitely see the benefit of using the BedJet this summer when the weather is hot.

The next test involved exploring how the BedJet works on only one side of the bed. In my prior tests, I used the single-zone sheets, which means air blows from the center to cool the entire bed. For this test, I tried the dual-zone sheets, which allows you to cool or heat only one side of the bed. You could use two BedJets in this configuration to have separate climate controls for two people.

First I maxed out the heat setting and let it warm one side of the bed for about 15 seconds. I used a laser thermometer to test the temperature on each side of the bed. Towards the bottom of the bed, the unheated side was 77 degrees while the heated side registered at 90 degrees. The top of the bed had a similar difference, yet was a few degrees cooler.

My next test was to activate the turbo heat setting. The fan/motor was noticeably louder when using this setting. After about 30 seconds, I again tested the bed with my laser thermometer. The bottom of the unheated side of the bed remained at 77 degrees while the heated side now registered 97 degrees and rising. Even the top of the heated side measured in the low to mid-90s. I concluded that the turbo heat setting was good for making your bed nice and toasty on a cool night.

Then I got into the heated side and noted that it felt quite warm. I switched sides and it felt completely normal.

BedJet works as advertised, and I couldn’t really think of any cons for the unit. The major deterrent is the price tag which can range from $340 to $500. Additional cloud sheets cost between $90 and $100. However, if you have the money, the BedJet V2 is a luxurious sleep accessory.

Update: After a month of using the BedJet, I have become accustomed to having comfortable air, whether hot or cool, blowing over me as I fall asleep. It is something that you probably don’t need, but after using it for a while it may be something you wouldn’t want to give up, either.


There aren’t many products quite like BedJet, which you can purchase here. On the less expensive side, you could also consider the Dual-Zone Warm/Cool comforter for couples.

Be sure to watch my full BedJet V2 review below.

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