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Today I proudly present my 6th annual Top 10 BEST of the Year in which I offer my picks for the best products I reviewed in 2022. Not everything on this list is new, but they were all new to me in 2022. These include As Seen on TV products, Amazon products, Shark Tank products, and more. I reviewed over 150 products in 2022, and this list includes my favorites of the bunch.

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Below is a list of all of the products included in my Best of 2022 countdown, sorted alphabetically. Below you can read my summary of every product and see the full videos for each.

Ten Best Products of 2022

10. Revolution Toaster

My countdown begins with one of the first products I reviewed in 2022, the Revolution R180 smart toaster. I originally compared it to an Amazon best-selling toaster, which was a complete disaster (and you can read more about that when it lands on my Worst of 2022 list!), but the Revolution toaster was anything but a disaster. It has an attractive touchscreen that allows you to choose among different types of items you want to toast, and to select your desired toasting level. While the results may not be the absolute best I have ever seen, they are still excellent. The toaster gently lowers and raises your toast and provides a pleasant chime when the toasting cycle is complete. It’s used daily in my household and everyone here loves the smart features.

Get the Revolution Toaster at Amazon.

Watch the full review below.

9. Paper Towel Topper

While #10 on my list was chosen largely due to its high-tech wizardry, #9 is pure simplicity. The Paper Towel Topper resembles one of those plastic CD protectors from the 90s but is in fact a pretty handy kitchen gadget. You simply place it over your paper towel holder, and it provides a barrier so that your wet hands don’t soak your dry paper towel roll. You can also press down on the Paper Towel Topper to help secure and dispense paper towels more easily. It’s one of those “I wish I had thought of that” gadgets that seems too simple to have not existed decades earlier.

You can purchase the Paper Towel Topper here.

Check out my full review below.

8. Bread Buddy

My number 8 pick for 2022 is Bread Buddy, which is a product that went viral in 2022. Not only did my Bread Buddy YouTube Shorts and TikToks amass a large number of views, but so did videos from other people online. Bread Buddy resembles an ordinary container, but it is designed to perfectly fit a standard loaf of bread. As a container, it protects bread from being smashed, and also allows you to store it vertically. You can also feed the bread wrapper over the edges and push downward to use Bread Buddy as a dispenser. My 79-year-old mom, who lives with me part of the year, has also said numerous times that she is fond of the Bread Buddy. Can’t argue with her on that!

I should also point out that if you remember my original review (below), I initially chose the Click & Carry over the Bread Buddy. Over time, however, the Bready Buddy has proven itself as the more valuable product on a daily basis, which is why it landed in my Top 10 rather than the Click & Carry (which is still a good product!).

Buy Bread Buddy here.

Watch my full Bread Buddy review below.

7. Rockpals

In mid-2022 I tested out the Rockpals solar power station. This setup includes a 500-watt power bank and a 100-watt solar panel. I put it through my usual rigors and found that it did a respectable job of charging numerous devices at the same time. During the summer I was able to fully charge the unit in a single day of sunlight with the solar panel, although it isn’t quite as effective in the winter when there is less sunlight overall. I wasn’t sure how much I’d use it, but it’s something I reach for often. I took 3 road trips to California in the late summer and early fall, and I took the Rockpals with me to keep devices charged while on the road. Although it’s not a replacement for a full generator, it also doesn’t require fuel, make noise, or release harmful fumes.

Buy the Rockpals power station here.

Check out my full Rockpals review below.

6. ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10

A kitchen thermometer may not sound like the most exciting gadget to include on a Top 10 list, but the Finaltouch X10 by ChefsTemp just might surprise you. Not only is it the fastest thermometer you’ll probably ever see, with accurate readings within a second or two, but it has several other features that set it apart from the competition. The thermometer is on a hinge that can be bent left or right, but the display on the handle will always read upright. That means it can be used right-handed or left-handed. When I tested it against a cheap thermometer I bought at Walmart, there was no contest. I have recommended these to viewers ever since my first test. This item definitely belongs on a “Best of 2022” list.

Buy ChefsTemp direct from the official website.

Watch my review below.

5. CarryAround

If you’ve ever offered to buy drinks for your friends at a sporting event or concert, you’ll appreciate the purpose of CarryAround. This little foldable gadget can fit in your pocket, but expands to carry 3 or 4 drinks with one hand. While it’s not quite designed for use in the car (although I hear they’re making a car adapter), it is perfect for those solo trips to the concession stand. I tested it out with numerous drink sizes from Starbucks and a convenience store. Even though very large drinks felt a bit top-heavy, the CarryAround passed every test I threw at it and I have already used it myself while at a sporting event. I’m a fan.

Here is where you can buy CarryAround for yourself.

Check out my full review.

4. EyeVac

EyeVac is a stationary vacuum for the home that uses an infrared sensor to detect when debris is swept up to it. When motion is detected, its powerful vacuum sucks all of the dirt and debris up into the canister. Anyone who has ever been to a barber or hair salon may recognize this type of device, but it is becoming more mainstream for non-salon use. When I first reviewed it, I expressed concerns that it wasn’t as effective with dark bristled brooms, but that concern has not translated into any real issues with long-term use. As someone who sweeps every day due to a big golden retriever, I have become a fan of the EyeVac. No more dustpans! It seems like I hardly ever have to empty it, and fortunately there is an indicator when it’s time to empty, so there’s no guesswork there, either.

Here is where I bought my EyeVac.

Be sure to watch my full EyeVac review.

3. Shark Stratos

I’ve mentioned my golden retriever already, and the Shark Stratos made my Top 10 almost solely due to my canine companion. There have been few vacuums over the years that could compete with the avalanche of fur that my carpet endures day in and day out, which is why my tests of the Shark Stratos were so impressive. Similar to the earlier Shark Apex, the Stratos improved on an already effective pet hair technology to produce a truly impressive vacuum. The suction is powerful, the edge coverage is impressive, and the rollers remain nearly hairless after extensive use.

Click here to buy the Shark Stratos.

Check out my full Shark Stratos review.

2. Brava

My #2 pick for 2022 is the Brava countertop oven. While it looks like a standard countertop oven, it is far from ordinary. You can cook multiple foods on the same tray (divided into “zones”) and they will be cooked separately. There are cameras that allow you to watch your food being cooked, and you can even watch from your smart phone via the Brava app. A sensor keeps your proteins monitored so you are notified when just the right temperature is reached. A built-in menu can deliver recipes to the screen or your phone, and step you through the entire process. While most countertop ovens are “dumb” and simply heat as long as they are told, the Brava keeps an eye on your food – and lets you know when it’s ready. I made everything from steak to dehydrated bananas, and everything I tried turned out well. It may seem intimidating when you first unbox it, but once the Brava is fired up and ready to go, it makes the cooking process easy and fast. It’s not cheap, but it’s an impressive appliance.

You can buy the Brava from Amazon or the official website.

Here is my full Brava review.

1. Transparent Sticky Notes

When I first caught wind of transparent sticky notes (actually most are translucent, but we’ll “stick” with the manufacturer’s description), I didn’t give much thought to how useful they might be. Once I cracked them open, however, I saw just how useful they are. You can highlight and mark up books or magazines without damaging the original. I spent years in college trying to keep my books clean so they would retain a higher trade-in value, and something like these would have been quite handy. My son used a rental program for his college books, and he expressed the same thing. They are simple, but incredibly handy. There’s no wonder why my short videos of these went viral in 2022.

I have transparent sticky notes for sale in my store from the same manufacturer who supplies Amazon vendors.

Watch my full video below.

Honorable Mention

There were a couple of products that just missed my Top 10 that I thought deserved to still be mentioned. Below are my two honorable mentions.


The only way to really describe the Bartesian is that is appears to be a cross between a Keurig and a robot bartender. Bartesian holds 4 different types of alcohol plus water, and uses pods to create dozens of different cocktails. It’s just a matter of inserting your pod, closing the lid, and selecting the strength you’d like. I’ve used it numerous times and I’ve found the drinks to be accurate and tasty. While the cost may prevent some consumers from picking this up, anyone who hosts parties with adult beverages may want to look into the Bartesian.

Buy Bartesian here.

Watch my full review of Bartesian below.


Buttermill is one of those gadgets that solves a problem you didn’t realize you had. I’ve always left butter out to soften and then applied it with a butter knife. It’s an age-old process that works, although it seems less than perfect. With Buttermill, there is now a more efficient way to apply butter. This gadget holds a small stick of butter and includes a twist handle that slowly presses butter through a small slit. This produces attractive butter ribbons that can be applied directly to bread, corn, or anything else to be buttered up. It can be used with cold or room temperature butter, too.

Here’s where you can get the Buttermill.

Below is my review of the Buttermill.

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to watch, like, share, and comment on my videos over the past 6 years. I hope you have a great 2023!

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