Do these Magnetic Reflective Christmas “Lights” Actually Work?

Today I’m taking a look at a set of reflective Christmas magnets, which resemble a string of lights when exposed to light.

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Where to Purchase

I purchased mine from Bulbhead, although they arrived in an Amazon package. The Bulbhead listing is no longer available, but I was able to secure a very similar item for my store, which you can find here.

Christmas Magnets Review

I first saw these Christmas magnets while ordering a different product from the Bulbhead website. To my surprise, these arrived in an Amazon envelope with no Bulbhead markings. I had never seen this before from the numerous Bulbhead items I’ve ordered over the years. My guess is that they test marketed the item and decided not to sell it, and referred existing orders to a vendor on Amazon. As it turns out, these are commonly sold online so I was able to find a direct supplier and listed very similar version in my own store for those who want to purchase it.

The magnets come with colored magnetic “bulbs” along with green magnetic “wires.” To install them, you simply stick them to any metallic surface and adjust until you get the layout you desire. I tested them on a variety of metallic objects around my house, including the garage door, my car, a toaster, my fridge, and even the oven and microwave.

Most people will probably use these on their car, garage door, or fridge, so I tried them in all of these locations.

For my garage door, I put a horizontal line of “wires” and attached two “bulbs” per wire. I then moved to my car and placed a row of them on one of my car doors. I couldn’t put them on the back bumper or on my hood, so I stuck with the side of the car and a small area under the rear window. The instructions warn not to go on the freeway with these on your car, although some people in various Amazon listings said this wasn’t a problem. I tested them on residential streets, traveling around 35 miles per hour and they did not fall off or even shift position.

At night, I tried shining light on the garage door and car installations to see how they looked, and the reflective surface did in fact make the bulbs glow brightly in both dim or bright light. Even the green “wires” stood out in certain lighting conditions. I later decided to have one bulb between each wire in order to space them out more on my garage, and in this configuration one package spanned my entire 2-car garage door.

In the end, I feel like this is a simple but attractive addition to any Christmas decoration collection. I’ve already had a couple people compliment the magnets on my garage door, which I didn’t expect. Speaking of expectations… as long as expectations are realistic, I think most people will like these.

If you’ve tried Christmas magnets like these, tell me what you think in the comments below.

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1 year ago

They really did look great on your garage door, like you’d strung up a bunch of Christmas lights – though I do wish you’d shown us the finished result at night!

Jane Bittorf
1 year ago

I love watching your freakin reviews. Wish I could see all of them!