Dash Multi-Plate Mini Waffle Maker – Is It Worth the $50 Price Tag?

I recently tested the Dash Multi-Plate Mini Maker, a versatile kitchen appliance that promises to add a fun twist to your waffles. Retailing at around $50, it’s significantly pricier than the standard $13 Dash Mini Waffle Maker, so the question is: does it justify the extra cost? Let’s dive into the details.

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Where to Purchase

This product can be found at Costco or Walmart, and I’ve seen listings on Amazon, although they currently seem unusually expensive. You should expect to pay about $50-$55 online for this online.

Disclaimer: I Like Dash!

I understand Dash is a popular brand and I own several of their offerings myself. As unpopular as it might be, however, I do have some criticisms about this product, and I know there will be some negative feedback because of it. I’m a fan of Dash, but this product is worthy of some criticism in my opinion.

Dash Multi-Plate Mini Maker Review

Unboxing & Features

The Dash Multi-Plate Mini Maker comes in a sizable box with simple instructions, an envelope containing more detailed guidelines, and a recipe guide. The highlighted feature of this model is its seven interchangeable plates featuring various designs such as a heart, snowflake, gingerbread man, Christmas tree, and pumpkin – in addition to a standard waffle shape. It’s marketed as perfect for holidays and parties, boasting dishwasher-safe plates and a non-stick cooking surface. Although it has 7 removable plates, it only creates six designs. The seventh plate is the top plate, which is the same for all waffle configurations.

First Impressions

On unboxing, I noted the appliance’s slightly larger and taller size compared to the standard Dash mini waffle maker, which usually sells for around $10-$13. It features easy-to-use levers for changing the plates, but only the bottom plate has designs, meaning only one side of your waffle will be decorative.

The Cooking Experience

The cooking process is straightforward: install the plates, place the appliance on a flat surface, and plug it in. The indicator light signals when it’s ready. I encountered a burning smell during the first use, which was a bit off-putting, though not entirely unexpected. That smell did not return upon subsequent uses.

I experimented with different cooking times to achieve the perfect golden-brown waffle. The appliance heats slowly, taking about 2 minutes to preheat and an additional 4 to 4.5 minutes to cook a waffle to my liking. The handle gets extremely hot, making it a bit difficult to handle. There are numerous warnings in the instructions about the hot surface, and I suggest abiding by those because it does get quite hot. The non-stick surface worked well, though.

The snowflake waffle plate.
My final results. Note that the pumpkin waffle can be created with or without a border. Also my “heart” waffle proved to be tricky as far as getting the perfect amount of batter.
A Christmas Tree waffle.
The multi-plate version (left) is taller than the original (right).

Design vs. Practicality

Each design plate gave distinct results, with some looking more appealing than others. The gingerbread man and snowflake designs came out pretty well, but the heart design was tricky to perfect. While the shapes look nice, the slow cooking process and the need to let the appliance cool down before changing plates can be frustrating if you’re in a hurry or serving multiple people.

For those who like the various Dash designs, this is probably a good fit – provided you aren’t looking to make a large batch of waffles, or feed more than 1-2 people. While it would have been nice for the product to include a griddle plate in the box, a beneficial feature is the potential for future customization, so hopefully additional compatible plates will be sold separately at a later time.

Final Thoughts

After a few rounds of testing, I found that while the Dash Multi-Plate Mini Maker produces aesthetically pleasing waffles, the slow process and uneven heat distribution were significant drawbacks. While it might be a fun gadget for occasional use, especially during holidays, I’m not convinced it’s worth the $50 price tag, given its limitations. For regular use, the standard $13 Dash Mini Waffle Maker seems more practical.

If you’ve tried the Dash Multi-Plate Mini Maker, let me know what you think in the comments below.

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