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Groove Rings Review: Fad or Next-Gen Rings?

Groove Rings are sturdy silicone rings that are more comfortable and malleable than traditional metal rings. Do they really work? Here is my Groove Rings review.

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Where to Purchase

You can find Groove Rings on Amazon or at the product website, Most rings cost around $30-$40, and come with a lifetime warranty (in some cases you may see a 94-year warranty – close enough!). You may even find a few under $30 on Amazon, such as this Deep Stone Grey/Glacier Blue model for $24-$31.

About Groove Rings

Groove Rings are finger rings manufactured from silicon that are available in a large variety of customization. The official product website is, which was registered in December 2007.

Claims & Features

  • Rings made of durable silicon instead of metal
  • Comfortable, breathable, and flexible
  • Customizable designs
  • For men and women
  • 94 year lifetime warranty

Groove Rings Review

The first time I saw Groove Rings was when an ad ran on social media in 2018. I jotted down the website in a rather lengthy spreadsheet that I keep whenever I see new products, or whenever someone makes a suggestion. A few months later I received an unsolicited package at my PO Box from Groove Life with a sample of their rings, so I decided it was probably a worthy product to try out myself.

Groove Rings are among a new breed of silicone rings that are designed to replace traditional metal rings. There are several reasons why someone would want to do this, such as those who work with their hands, electricians, or anyone wanting to avoid injuries that can occur while wearing a metal ring. Many people may recall when Jimmy Kimmel injured his hand a few years back by simply falling and grabbing the edge of a table. That table hooked onto his ring and nearly pulled his finger off.  There are those who would prefer to leave their expensive rings at home while on vacation, for example, and those people would also be good candidates to try a ring like this.

So, whatever the reason you’d want to replace a metal ring with silicone, the makers of Groove Rings have the answer for you.

The rings can be purchased in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. Although many of the rings are two-color, the inner color typically isn’t seen while you’re wearing it. They’re not supposed to be reversible (see below) because the inside of the band includes grooves (thus the name) which help wick moisture away and keep your fingers dry.

Both my son and I donned our Groove rings for my YouTube video (below) and I continued to wear mine for weeks afterward.

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While I can’t say I was completely converted to silicone rings, I did find Groove Rings to be comfortable and my fingers did not feel sweaty while wearing them. I also did not take them off in the shower or while washing my hands, just as I wouldn’t with a metal ring. I played basketball and lifted weights, and at no time did the rings become obtrusive, dirty, or scuffed.

In the end, if you like the idea of a silicone ring, Groove rings should be on your short list of products to try. I do think the price of about $40 seems excessive, but they do back up their rings with a lifetime replacement warranty, which somewhat offsets the high cost.

The bigger question tends to be whether or not this is a next-gen ring or a fad that will fade over time. As I perused the hundreds of comments on my video review of Groove Rings, it was apparent that there are two opposing opinions in this debate, with few people in the middle.

I tried reversing one of my Groove rings during my extended test and found that even when reversed it never became sweaty or picked up odors. My friend and fellow reviewer Cathy from the 2-Cent Chicks also tried Groove rings and told me that she was quite happy with them as a temporary replacement for her wedding band.

As of this 2020 update, neither my son, Cathy, nor I still wear the Groove Rings, so looking back it feels more like a fad from my perspective. I still see people wearing silicone rings, so the idea is not completely archaic.

Be sure to watch my full review of Groove Rings below.


Enso is a competing brand which offers similar rings which are also highly rated. This popular men’s ring, for example, sports an impressive rating and a modest $25 price tag.

Your Groove Rings Reviews

Have you used Groove Rings or something like it? Tell me what you think in the comments below!

Updated June 2020.

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