Shark Tank’s Ice Shaker vs Amazon Best Seller: Which Shaker Bottle is Better?

In today’s review, I’m comparing two popular shaker bottles: the Ice Shaker, which was featured on Shark Tank, and the BlenderBottle, currently the top-selling shaker bottle on Amazon. If you’re trying to decide between these two options, keep reading to find out which one comes out on top.

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Where to Purchase

You can pick up both of these shakers on Amazon. I bought the 26 oz Ice Shaker for about $36, while the BlenderBottle set me back around $11. You can also find Ice Shaker at the official website,

Claims & Features

  • Both bottles come in multiple sizes and colors
  • BlenderBottle breaks up protein via a wire whisk ball, while Ice Shaker uses an attached agitator
  • Ice Shaker features a double-wall vacuum insulated design, while BlenderBottle does not
  • Both bottles are leak-proof and feature screw-on lids
  • Each bottle features measurement marks (BlenderBottle on the outside, and Ice Shaker on the inside)

Ice Shaker vs BlenderBottle

When it comes to staying hydrated on-the-go, shaker bottles have become a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals. Two shaker bottles that have gained popularity in recent years are the Ice Shaker and BlenderBottle. The Ice Shaker, which was featured on Shark Tank and comes with a price tag of around $36, promises to keep drinks cold for up to 30 hours. On the other hand, the BlenderBottle, which is an Amazon’s #1 Best Seller with a price of $11, is known for its affordability and efficiency. I recently purchased both and tested them out, and here are my results.

After thoroughly washing both bottles, I put both bottles to the test. The first test was the most crucial – how well each bottle blended protein with water. The BlenderBottle uses a separate wire whisk ball, while the Ice Shaker uses an attached agitator. After shaking each bottle 20 times, I poured the result through a strainer and found a slight advantage to the BlenderBottle. However, the difference was so small that it could have easily been within the margin of error.

BlenderBottle (left) and Ice Shaker (right), undissolved protein after 20 shakes each. The difference is minimal.
I prefer the spout on the Ice Shaker, as it feels more ergonomic against my mouth.

Next, I added ice, water, and protein to both bottles and shook them to see which one was louder. The Ice Shaker was clearly the quieter of the two, probably due to its double-wall design. Drinking through both bottles was a pleasant experience, but the mouthpiece on the Ice Shaker felt more comfortable. Both bottles were leak-proof when left upside down for an hour.

The Ice Shaker claims to keep ice in an open container for up to 30 hours in a 75-degree room. To test this, I duplicated the test with both bottles. By the 12-hour mark, all the ice in the BlenderBottle had melted, while only a quarter of the ice in the Ice Shaker had melted. At the 30-hour mark, there was still some ice in the Ice Shaker, which outperformed the BlenderBottle in this test. Additionally, I noticed that the BlenderBottle was sweating around the 12-hour mark, whereas the Ice Shaker did not sweat at all.

After 12 hours. Ice Shaker still had most of its ice left, while all of the ice in the BlenderBottle had melted.

I continued to use both bottles for about a week before filming my final results, which breaks down the following way:

  • Blending: Both bottles were equally efficient in blending protein with water.
  • Keeping drinks cold: The Ice Shaker outperformed the BlenderBottle in this aspect, keeping drinks cold for up to 30 hours.
  • Noise level: The Ice Shaker was clearly quieter than the BlenderBottle.
  • Cleaning: Both bottles required similar effort to clean, with the BlenderBottle’s wire ball and the Ice Shaker’s agitator being equally easy to clean.
  • Leak-proof: Both bottles were completely leak-proof.
  • Drinking experience: The Ice Shaker’s spout felt more comfortable and ergonomic to drink through than the BlenderBottle’s.
  • Sweating: The Ice Shaker did not sweat, while the BlenderBottle did.
  • Cost: The BlenderBottle is significantly cheaper than the Ice Shaker, costing about one-third the price.

In the end, both shaker bottles have their pros and cons, but the Ice Shaker’s superior insulation and ergonomic mouthpiece make it a great option for those who want to keep their drinks cold for an extended period. However, if you’re on a tight budget, the BlenderBottle is still an excellent choice for its affordability and efficiency.


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1 year ago

Should take a look at the AeroBottle Cryo. It’s vacuum insulated and a hybrid water bottle shaker cup. It keeps ice way longer than any of my other insulated bottles and doesn’t require a messy grate to mix protein shakes. It has some kind of special technology designed into the shape of the bottle and lid that mixes way better.