OXO Good Grips SimplyTear Paper Towel Holder Review

Today I’m offering my thoughts on the OXO Good Grips SimplyTear paper towel dispenser, that I have been using since 2021. I realize a paper towel isn’t exactly the most exciting thing to review, but it’s an item found in almost every kitchen. This particular dispenser is called the OXO Good Grips SimplyTear, and I actually bought it out of necessity, not because I wanted to do a video on it.

Where to Purchase

You can pick up the OXO SimplyTear from Amazon for about $26. It’s also sold in stores such as Target and Bed, Bath, & Beyond for the same price.

SimplyTear Review

The OXO Good Grips SimplyTear dispenser is designed for one-handed use, which makes it stand apart from typical dispensers. It’s made with stainless steel construction and has a non-slip base to keep it securely in place. It’s advertised to work with any size roll, and claims to tear a single paper towel with just one hand, without unraveling the whole roll.

I purchased it for $25 on Amazon, which might seem like a lot for a paper towel holder, but for me, it was a necessary purchase to replace my old one. Plus, it has a 4.7 rating with almost 13,000 ratings on Amazon back in 2021, which is quite impressive. Two years later, it boasts a 4.6 star rating among over 24,000 reviews.

The dispenser has a convenient carry knob, which makes it easy to move around. The spring-activated arm is oddly satisfying to use, and I’m happy to report that it does, in fact, work as advertised.

I tested it out, and it tore off a single paper towel with ease. It didn’t unravel the whole roll, and it held any size branded paper towel I threw at it. The large capacity means I don’t have to refill it as often, which is a nice convenience. For my video review, I tore off every paper towel from a roll using only one hand, and the results were almost perfect. I continued to use it daily until March 2023, discussed below.

The only initial downside I noted was that the stainless steel construction may show fingerprints, but that never manifested into much of an issue for me over the two years that I used it.

2023 Update

In 2022, I paired the SimplyTear with the Towel Topper, to keep my paper towels clean while dispensing, and I was quite satisfied with that setup. In March 2023, however, the spring-activated arm suddenly stopped working on the SimplyTear, and it now limply rests against paper towels. The one-handed function no longer works. Despite my disappointment that this  product didn’t last longer, I’m considering buying a new one because there are no other paper towel holders quite as sturdy or easy to use as this one.

Overall, I was quite happy with my purchase of the OXO Good Grips SimplyTear paper towel dispenser for two years. I found it to be a small but useful addition to my kitchen, and I appreciate the one-handed design. I would still recommend it to anyone looking for a new paper towel dispenser, despite the fact that it broke after two years.

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1 year ago

Assuming you have, but thought I’d suggest… Have you looked into the OXO guarantee? According to their web site their guarantee applies to “defects in material or workmanship under normal household use and when cared for according to the Use & Care guidelines we provide.” I would think the fact that it’s lasted two years means it’s been cared for. The question could be moot if you don’t have the packaging with the guarantee. However, there’s no harm in contacting them to find out if they’ll replace it or if they sell the part that failed so you can fix… Read more »

Steve Ferris
Steve Ferris
7 months ago
Reply to  James White

No need for any packaging. The product has a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Call OXO Customer Service at (800) 545 – 441, given them the “manufacture date” from the plastic base, and a new one will be sent to you free. No need to return the broken unit. Oxo is very good on Customer Service: it couldn’t be easier. It turns out the plastic hook that retains one end of the spring used to apply tension to the arm – is a weak point. It fatigues over time and distorts or breaks off. Unfortunately the manufacturing process uses a… Read more »

Steve Ferris
Steve Ferris
7 months ago
Reply to  James White

Let’s try that phone number again (for OXO Customer Service): (800) 545 – 4411.