Product Review: Zoomies

Zoomies is a popular product that has been advertising earlier this year in 2013 and they are still avid in advertising now on their website They have two other websites that are an advocate for the product and They are available in As Seen on TV stores.

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The website shows that one pair of Zoomies costs $17.95. This breaks down to $7.95 for processing and handling and $10 for the Zoomies.

This video is included on their website:

I ordered a pair of Zoomies from their website, but was disappointed from the results.
After playing with them for awhile I noticed the magnification wasn’t that impressive; while doing some research that “300%” magnification is only equivalent to 3 times the magnification according to a review on

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Unfortunately I should have bought a pair of inexpensive binoculars as they could have probably given me more magnification than that. I wish I had known when I ordered them that they were available in stores, as I would have bought them in person, making returns easier.

Don’t just take my word for it. On the product has horrible reviews. A lot of the reviews stating that it is a “TOTAL scam!” and “Don’t waste your money.”

On Ripoff Report there are a total of 16 reports stating that it is a scam. Some said that they were billed more than they were supposed to be charged.

So, sadly, it’s safe to say this product does not work at all and is not worth the money – especially if you order it online and have to pay non-refundable shipping.

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