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Review: Lipo Slim Extreme

I always try, like many other women, to try and lose weight the quick and easy way while dieting or working out. A few weeks ago I came across a product called “Lipo Slim Extreme.” This product is a supplement advertised to help you lose weight faster.

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I found two different websites for the product: It states:

“Recommended by physicians, reduce cravings, supress (Yes, they spell suppress wrong.) appetite, increase energy levels and mood.”

And, which appears to be the “main” site. It states:

“A powerful weight loss solution, lose weight and feel great!”

Lipo Slim Extreme costs 79.99 for a full bottle. Their free 14-day trial is just 4.95 shipping.

I finally received my Lipo Slim Extreme in the mail, and decided to try it out. Be wary that your “14 day trial” starts right as you order the product.

I did try the product, but honestly in the two weeks I had it, I didn’t really see much of a difference. When I tried to return the product, this was not an easy process.

The company is proving to not be consumer-friendly at all. According to Scambook there are 658 complaints. People are stating that they got charged hidden fees when they thought they had a free trial. They label the company a “scam.” I myself have been awaiting a response to get my full refund back and still no response, and I followed the directions by obtaining Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) within the 30 days. Please note that shipping and handling in non-refundable.

Please stay away from this product, as it has caused me nothing but trouble! There are too many hidden fees and other complaints similar to what I’m going through now. If you have ever used this product, a comment below would be greatly appreciated.

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