Products I Still Use From My First Year on YouTube

I was recently asked if I still use any products from my first year on YouTube, and the answer is YES. Today I’m looking back at the products that have held up over the past 6 years with regular use.

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My First Year

My first year on YouTube spanned October 2016 through October 2017. In that time, I created 148 videos and reviewed 120 products. The reason that I have 148 videos and only 120 products is because I produced some “Part 2” videos, a few updates, non-reviews, etc. Of the 120 products I reviewed, I currently still use 6 of them. Three others I recently stopped using very recently, and 4 more were replaced but I’m still using those replacements.

The 6 Still in Use (and Where to Buy)

Below are 6 products which I reviewed in my first year on YouTube, listed in the order they were reviewed.

  • Atomic Beam Lantern. This As Seen on TV lantern was one of two lanterns I reviewed in my first year on YouTube. The other was the Tac Light Lantern, which stopped working not long after I tested it out. I still reach for the Atomic Beam Lantern on occasion and I’ve had no problem with its function. Atomic Beam Lantern is still sold on Amazon, but you can get no-name brands for significantly less.
  • Magic Tracks. Of all the products on this list, Magic Tracks is the one I would have least expected to be here. I did, however, manage to work it into my rotation of holiday decor, so it gets pulled out every Christmas. I’ve used it for about a month every year since my first review and it still works. Fortunately, it is also still sold on Amazon.
  • Hot Hands. When I first reviewed Hot Hands, my attitude toward the product was skewed by the ridiculous As Seen on TV infomercial. Over time, however, I found that it’s a pretty effective alternative to oven mitts. You may still be able to find Hot Hands at Amazon or Walmart, but there are other popular options if those are hard to find.
  • Atomic Beam Headlight.  In my early YouTube days, I reviewed a lot of “Atomic Beam” products, including the Atomic Beam Headlight. Although it didn’t prove to be very popular among consumers, it’s a product I still reach for on occasion, especially during the summer when I’m outside more at night. You may be able to find it at this Amazon link, but there are numerous head lamps available, such as this popular model.
  • Gotham Steel Pasta Pot. When I reviewed the Gotham Steel Pasta Pot, I thought it was perfectly fine, but never imagined I’d still be using it regularly 6 years later. The combination of nonstick surface and locking handles has made this a mainstay in my house. Fortunately, this is still sold on Amazon.
  • Philips OneBlade. I reviewed several shaving products in my first year, and the Philips OneBlade has proven to be one of the most durable. I use it primarily to trim edges and errant hairs on ears (and elsewhere), and it has worked great for that. I’ve met numerous people over the years who have raved about this product, and I can see why. I had to replace the head a couple years ago, but it was only about $15 and was as easy as popping off the old one and popping on the new one. You can still find the OneBlade one on Amazon.

3 I Used Until Recently

The following three products I used until very recently and felt they were worthy of a mention here.

  • Comfort Click Belt. The Comfort Click ratchet belt was one of my first reviews on YouTube, and I used it regularly for about 6 months. The Kore Trakline belt ended up being my main belt, but I did continue to use the Comfort Click Belt for years. Eventually my belt collection relegated this to the back of my closet, but it held up well while it was in use. My son Brandon also used a Comfort Click Belt daily for 5 years before it broke. I still see Comfort Click Belt at Walmart, and a popular (nearly identical) competitor on Amazon. The ratchet belt I recommend is the Kore Trakline belt.
  • Night Angel. This is an outlet cover with a built-in nightlight. It remained in use until I replaced all of my outlet covers in July 2022. This item is no longer sold, but it was essentially a knockoff of SnapPower, which is still sold on Amazon and remains quite popular.
  • Bell+Howell Light Bar. This is one of those products that I probably liked more than the average consumer, as I used it regularly until 2022, when I lost the charging cable. If I ever locate that cable, the Light Bar will be placed back on my “active” list. Fortunately, it’s still sold on Amazon.

4 Replacements I Still Use

The following four items were products that I reviewed in my first year but were replaced by similar products which I still use to this day.

  • TacLight. My 5th YouTube video was a review of the TacLight, which was heavily advertised back in 2016. My TacLight didn’t withstand my extreme durability tests, but I’ve bought numerous TacLights (including knockoffs) since then and I use them all pretty regularly. TacLight is still sold on Amazon, where it holds solid consumer ratings.
  • ThinOptics. These mini reading glasses were named my Best Product of 2017, and I used them for years. My original pair broke, and the company honored their warranty by sending a free replacement. Unfortunately, that replacement also broke, too. I was sent some knockoff samples a couple years ago and still use those. I think this is a great product, but I was a little disappointed with their durability. You can find these on Amazon.
  • Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Power. In 2017 I compared the Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Power vs the Mach3. I ended up going with the Fusion5 and used it daily for years. Unfortunately, the battery in the unit exploded, which made me pick up another Fusion5-compatible handle, which I still use to this day. To me, it’s more about the Fusion5 blades than the handle, because those blades last many weeks before needing replacement. They don’t make the ProShield Power anymore but they do have the similar ProGlide Shield. Be sure to pick up a pack of blades that will last you weeks to months.
  • Fur Wizard. Another common brand I reviewed in my first year was the “Hurricane” line of As Seen on TV products, including the Hurricane Fur Wizard. This lint and pet hair remover is an excellent tool for any pet owner. My Fur Wizard got wet a few years ago and developed a smell I could not eliminate. I received a sample knockoff not long after, and I’ve been using that ever since. The Fur Wizard is still sold on Amazon.


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