Ruby Space Triangles Review: Do They Save Closet Space?

Today I’m taking a look at an As Seen on TV product called Ruby Space Triangles. These small triangular plastic gadgets are said to increase closet space and help organize your clothes, but does it really work? Today I offer my review.

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Where to Purchase

Ruby Space Triangles can be purchased on Amazon, in stores such as Walmart, or direct from Bulbhead. You can expect to pay about $10-$15 for a 12-18 pack.

Claims & Features

  • Easy to use
  • Works with all hanger types
  • Works with any type of clothing
  • Daisy chain up to 6 hangers at a time

Ruby Space Triangles Review

Ruby Space Triangles are small plastic triangles which can be hooked over an existing hanger to provide an additional place to hang clothes. The advertising and packaging claim that this gadget will save 3x (or 70%) closet space. When I first saw the ads for Ruby Space Triangles, I immediately thought of two previous gadgets I’ve reviewed in the past which made similar claims: Wonder Hanger Max and a $3 gadget from AliExpress. In those cases, I didn’t really feel like any space was saved but I did find them somewhat useful for organizing outfits or keeping similar clothes grouped together.

Closeup of a Ruby Space Hanger.

I wanted to try Ruby Space Triangles in a few different configurations: With regular hangers and with space saving hangers, and with just one extra shirt per hanger or 5 shirts per hanger. I also pulled out my old Wonder Hanger Max just to see how that compared.

First, I loaded 18 shirts onto regular hangers and spaced them out evenly for a baseline measurement of 12 inches. I then “smashed” them together so they were fully compressed and took another measurement which was 9 inches.

5 shirts grouped with Ruby Space Hangers.

I then loaded a single Ruby Space Triangle onto 9 of the hangers and measured them with and without being compressed together. I repeated this process with 5 shirts per group. At first glance, it appears that the Ruby Space Triangles do in fact save space. This was bolstered by the fact that my group of 2 measured 7 inches at the top and my group of 5 measured 4 inches at the top. So far so good… until I measured the widest section of shirts.

As it turns out, having the shirts staggered in this manner will lead to a smaller measurement up top, but as you go down to the widest section, all 18 shirts will still overlap and end up measuring the same as they did without Ruby Space Triangles: 9 inches. It’s almost an optical illusion because at first glance you would swear you’ve saved space, but that’s because our eyes naturally focus on the tops of the hangers, not the bottom. No matter how you hang them, 18 shirts side by side will be the same width.

Notice the tapering from top to bottom. It looks thinner at the top but the bottom is still as wide as without using the Ruby Saver Triangles.

I repeated this test with some “space saving” hangers and the results were similar. In fact, when using 5 Ruby Space Triangles, I ended up losing space because the Ruby Space Triangles are wider than my space saving hangers.

The Wonder Hanger Max is an extreme example of this optical illusion tapering effect. It measured a miniscule 2 inches at the top, but 12 inches at the bottom.

Below you can see all of the measurements I took. The wider measurements using the Ruby Space Triangles were roughly the same as without!

Your mileage may vary, but my experience is that the Ruby Space Triangles didn’t really save a significant amount of space, if any. I can see them being used to group clothing or separate outfits, but I wouldn’t count on a significant savings in closet space.


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1 year ago

Your findings are what I’ve always figured but never took the time to verify. Your closet is only so wide. Regardless of how much space you save on the rod, you can only pack so much between the walls. And, when you make your way down the stack, the more you pack between the walls, the more wrinkled the clothes can get. I’m always tempted by those space-saving, skinny (dare I say “huggable”) hangers, but I talk myself out of them for the same reason. There’s only so much space between the walls. I might be able to fit100 skinny… Read more »

8 months ago
Reply to  James White

Well done!

1 year ago

Only if you hang very short items like toddler outfits or pet clothing between the very top hangars would this gain any usable space.
Near complete waste of money.