Selah Water Bottle Review: A Deep Dive into Flavored Hydration

Today, I’m diving into the world of flavored water bottles with a review of the Selah (often misspelled as “Cella”) and its intriguing use of flavored pods. If this concept sounds familiar, you’re not alone. It brings to mind comparisons with other products like the Cirkul (incorrectly referred to as “Circle” in some instances). Let’s explore how the Selah stands up to scrutiny and its competitors.

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Selah Water Bottle Review

Where to Purchase

You can pick up Selah on Amazon (at this listing), or direct from their website, where there are currently more options for flavors and bottle colors. This may change over time and I’ll update this space when that happens.

Unboxing & First Impressions

Upon unboxing the Selah, I was immediately impressed by the packaging—neat and appealing. The bottle itself boasts a sleek design, capable of holding two flavor pods simultaneously. This feature alone piqued my interest, promising a customizable hydration experience.

The Selah claims a commitment to health and sustainability, offering zero sugar, no artificial ingredients or coloring. It’s a 20-ounce bottle (I’ve also seen it stated that the bottle is 21 ounces) available in various colors and allows for mixing flavors to create personalized drinks. The cost-effectiveness is notable, with pods priced around $5 each, yielding approximately 12 servings—about 42 cents per serving. The flavor categories, including energy, vitamins, sports, and unsweetened options, cater to a wide range of preferences.

Getting the bottle ready for use was straightforward, albeit with a slight learning curve regarding loading the pods. The instructions were clear, and I appreciated the design aspects aimed at minimizing the loss of components, such as the attached cap and lid.

My initial test involved mixing peach iced tea and berry blast flavors, an experience that left me curious about the other flavors. The ability to adjust the sweetness level with a simple button click added an extra layer of customization.

The process to load pods seems complex at first, but it gets easier after a couple of uses.
Selah fit easily into my car cup holder.

The Tests

Taking the Selah on a day out proved its practicality—it’s car cup holder-friendly and easy to operate single-handedly. The next day, I embarked on a mission to taste and rank all 10 available flavors. This endeavor revealed a diverse range of tastes, from the refreshing accuracy of green apple to the nostalgic hint of orange Tang. The process of filling, tasting, emptying the bottle for each flavor was elaborate yet rewarding, offering insights into the nuanced differences between flavors.

Comparing the Selah to its counterparts brought to light several key considerations. Unlike the Cirkul, which flavors water at the point of drinking, the Selah infuses the water within the bottle, affecting the ability to switch flavors on the go. This feature, while unique, has its drawbacks and advantages, depending on user preference.

In terms of cost and sustainability, the Selah presents a competitive alternative to the Cirkul, with potentially longer-lasting pods and fully recyclable cartridges. The absence of artificial sweeteners in Selah’s pods might appeal to health-conscious consumers, distinguishing it from some of Cirkul’s offerings.

And, while most people will compare the Selah to the Cirkul, it would be an incomplete review if I didn’t mention the LifeFuels bottle that came and went back in 2020. That, too, had multiple pods stored within the bottle and allowed for mixing of flavors. The downfall of LifeFuels, however was its $150 price tag and $12-$15 flavor pods. I found the experience of the Selah to be highly reminscent of my tests with LifeFuels.

Finally, there are those who may state that Air Up should also be mentioned, but that product doesn’t actually flavor water at all, so I felt like such a comparison would be of minimal value.


The Selah stands out as a viable choice for those seeking a customizable and health-oriented hydration option. Its innovative use of flavor pods, combined with the ability to mix flavors and adjust sweetness levels, offers a unique selling point. However, for the Selah to surpass its more established competitors, it will need to carve out a distinct niche or offer additional compelling features.

For anyone considering a foray into the world of flavored water bottles, the Selah deserves consideration. It blends functionality, health consciousness, and environmental responsibility in a way that merits attention. Whether it will become your go-to hydration companion remains a matter of personal taste and priorities.


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