Sharper Image LightBoard Go Review

Today I’m taking a look at the Sharper Image LightBoard Go LED writing pad. I found it while perusing the Walmart As Seen on TV section and decided to try it for myself.

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Where to Purchase & About

As of this April 2024 update, Lightboard Go is no longer sold, although you may still find some remaining units on shelves at stores such as Walmart or on reseller sites such as eBay. The unit I bought included 3 markers, although there was no mention as to where replacements could be found.

Claims & Features

  • Large LED Display
  • 7 Light Modes
  • Wipe-Clean Surface
  • Magnetic Mount
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Magnetic or kickstand mounting options

LightBoard Go Review

While browsing the As Seen on TV aisle at Walmart, I came across the Sharper Image LightBoard Go, an LED writing pad. The packaging suggests it can be used as a drawing tablet or for practical purposes like grocery lists.

Inside the box, I found three white markers, a small instruction sheet, and the unit itself. There is a button that turns the unit on or off and cycles through seven different color modes, with three modes toggling between two colors and four modes toggling through multiple colors.

Reading the instructions, I learned that marks made on the screen must be erased within 24 hours to prevent permanent stains. To erase the screen, a damp cloth is recommended. I found that following up with a dry cloth not only speeds up the process but also helps remove excess moisture and ink.

When I first tried it out, I noticed that the writing felt smooth, and the ink was bright when illuminated by the lights. The unit also looks good without the lights on, resembling a dry erase board.

The most common complaint among consumers is that it is difficult to erase and keep clean. After a few uses, I understood why. No matter how much you wipe the screen, it never seems perfectly clean, and previous drawings can sometimes still be faintly visible after erasing.

I had one of my kids test it out as a drawing tablet and they found that it feels like a dry erase board, erasing small mistakes is impractical, and your hand can leave small smudges behind.

The magnetic mounting is quite strong, and it affixed firmly to my fridge. I created a small shopping list, and it seemed well-suited for that, except for the fact that the list needs to be erased within 24 hours to avoid staining.

Overall, while I like the idea of this LED writing pad, I don’t think it delivers a very useful final result. If I wanted an LED drawing pad, I’d opt for something like the Magic Pad, which offers multiple colors and is easier to erase mistakes. If I wanted an erasable shopping list for my fridge, I’d just go with a simple whiteboard.

Updated April 2024

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