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You may have seen a product advertised on TV lately called “Clear TV.” It is an antenna that allows you to watch terrestrial broadcasts of HDTV channels. Here is our Clear TV review plus additional key product information.

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The official website is cleartv.com and it shows that this product costs $19.95 plus $7.99 for processing and handling. This brings your total to $27.94. There is a 60 day money-back guarantee. The cost and offer has remained unchanged since we first reported this product in mid-2013.

clear tv 2014

This is a portion of the Clear TV website in 2014.

We ordered a Clear TV antenna over the summer of 2013, before it was available in stores, and it took about 4 weeks to arrives. Hooking it up was easy enough, and the visual design is modern and sleek. Then came the real test: What channels can Clear TV receive, and is it a viable alternative to traditional cable?

The answer depends on where you live, because the only channels you’ll receive will be over-the-air broadcast of local channels. You won’t find any cable channels such as CNN or ESPN with Clear TV – only local broadcast television.

Below is a good demonstration of Clear TV.

Does Clear TV Work?

Clear TV itself installed fine. The audio and video never distorted at any point during the process of attaching the product to the TV. The commercial for Clear TV, however, implies that it does more than it actually does. We did not receive any new HD channels that we didn’t already have access to prior to installation. If you look around the internet for other Clear TV reviews, you’ll find pretty much the same sentiment. Websites like tvstuffreviews.com and wafflesatnoon.com have reported that the product works, but the advertising misleads consumers into believing they will suddenly get dozens of new channels.

cleartv 2013

This is the Clear TV website as it appeared in 2013.

In short, and as others have pointed out, Clear TV just a regular television antenna, no different than an old-fashioned set of rabbit ears you can pick up at a local Radio Shack, except maybe in its design.

The article Clear Cast Ads For TV Antennas May Mislead, BBB Warns (June 1, 2012) says it all in the title. A certain passage that stood out to me in the article states:

“After testing the product, the BBB found it did not perform as it is claimed in the ad,” the Canton, Ohio, BBB concluded. “Additionally, BBB inquiries indicate that because the headline claims that consumers can eliminate cable or satellite bills, consumers are under the impression they will receive the same type of channeling as with their current provider, which the BBB found is not the case. Consumers continue to contact the BBB and state they are also confused as to what they are actually getting.”

This product does work, but the advertising can be misleading because you won’t get any channels that you don’t already have with your cable provider. That said, the picture of local broadcasts through an antenna – Clear TV or otherwise – is superior to that of the same channels which are compressed by your cable company. in the case of sporting events on a big-screen TV, you may want to have an antenna around to give your reception a try.

Should you decide to purchase Clear TV, please be aware of what you are purchasing, and don’t cancel your cable TV account just yet.

Clear TV is widely available in stores, and you may want to consider purchasing at a local store to avoid paying shipping costs, and to expedite the return process, if necessary.

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First published: August 2013
Modified: December 16, 2014

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  1. CLEAR TV DOES NOT WORK! The worst product out there. If I could find my receipt they would be getting it back. What a joke!

  2. Bought 2 for my RV have yet to ever recieve any channels. Many locations are close to major cities producing TV waves. this thing is a joke and a rip off.

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