Do These Gripper Clips Work?

Today I’m testing out a pair of kitchen “gripper clips” that serve as an alternative to potholders. They allow the user to pick up hot plates or bowls, or to remove steamer baskets without getting too close to the heat.

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Where to Purchase

You can buy these gripper clips from my store. It does not appear to be a major brand name, and these are sold by a variety of vendors on Amazon and AliExpress.

Claims & Features

  • Can hold up to 5lbs per clip
  • Anti-skid silicone pad
  • ABS plastic handle
  • Safety buckle
  • Spring design
  • Ideal for plates, bowls, steamer baskets, trays, and more

Gripper Clips Review

But first – a note about generic products on Amazon.

After receiving a few requests for these gripper clips, I decided to head to Amazon and pick up a set for myself. Upon perusing Amazon, I quickly realized that this is likely a generic Alibaba item that is re-branded by numerous vendors. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but many consumers don’t realize that quality can vary greatly among seemingly identical Alibaba items due to differences between factories where they are made. Perhaps the best way to determine the production quality of a ubiquitous generic item is to rely on Amazon ratings and comments – and we all know that Amazon comments and ratings can be suspect at best. Thus, the only real hint about a product’s quality is the hope that you can find a listing with thousands of ratings that would be too many for a vendor to fake.

Because I liked the product and ratings varied so much, I went to my source in China and decided to place these directly in my store, because I can keep an eye on production quality and consumer feedback directly.

Now onto the review…

The clips themselves are unremarkable, constructed of plastic and stainless steel. The head is angled and features silicone pads to increase grip. The handles feel a bit cheaply made, but sturdy enough for the product’s purposes. There is a safety buckle that keeps the handle closed, although I worry that might be the first piece to fail over time. The Amazon listing states that a single gripper can lift up to 5lbs, and two can be used for heavier jobs.

Although I’ve had a few requests for these over the years, it wasn’t until I bought a Brava oven that I decided to get them. The Brava has a small space between the bottom of the unit and the tray, so these clips seemed like a better option than bulky oven mitts or potholders that aren’t as protective. When I first tried these clips with the Brava’s tray, I realized that the center of the tray didn’t have enough of a lip to grab, so I had to use two grippers, with one on each side of the tray. Despite having to use two for a relatively light tray, the gripper clips held firmly and I did not feel that the tray was in danger of slipping out of my hands or the clips.

Holding a Brava tray with two gripper clips.

Another suggested use for these clips is for pulling hot plates out of a microwave. I gave that a shot and they did work, although I didn’t feel completely confident when lifting a heavy plate. Next, I tried picking up a large pot while it was empty and also while it was full of water. When empty, the pot was quite easy to hold with two clips, but I wasn’t nearly as confident when lifting a pot full of water. The clips also had no issues handling bowls, both round and squared.

Although lifting this pot of water was possible, it did not feel sturdy.
Removing a plate from a microwave using gripper clips.
Bowls are no problem with these clips.

For my final test, I put a couple of 2lb dumbbells in a bowl to see how well these clips could lift their max weight. While one clip did work, it was awkward and unsteady. Two clips handled the weight without issue.

In the end, I’d say these clips performed better than I thought, although I’d still recommend keeping expectations low if you’re considering them.

If you’ve used gripper clips like these, tell me what you think in the comments below.

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