Mayu Swirl Review: Testing a $180 Swirling Water Pitcher

Today I’m testing out a water pitcher called the Swirl by Mayu. This device swirls and aerates water which supposedly leads to balanced pH and better taste. Does it work and is it worth the $178 price tag? That’s what I intend to find out in today’s review.

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Where to Purchase

You can purchase the Mayu Swirl direct from the official website or via Amazon for $178-$220.

About Mayu Swirl

Mayu Swirl is a device which swirls and aerates water which is said to balance pH and “restructure” water for improved taste. It consists of an attractive water pitcher which spins a small propeller inside the unit when placed on the rechargeable base. It can spin for about 7 hours on one charge or remain plugged in for constant use.

Mayu Swirl Review

When I first caught sight of the Mayu Swirl, I was immediately intrigued by its unique claims and high price. I was determined to discover if the supposed benefits of a swirling water pitcher could justify a $180 price tag. To evaluate its performance, I devised a two-part test consisting of a subjective taste test and an objective water test kit analysis.

I began by thoroughly cleaning and charging the pitcher and noticed some difficulty drying the inside of the narrow pitcher.  I then filled the pitcher with water from my kitchen sink and set aside a glass of unswirled water as a control sample. I also put some of this un-swirled water into my drinking water test kit to compare with the swirled water later.

The instructions state to let the water swirl for 5-7 minutes, while on Amazon it was stated to let it swirl for at least 10 minutes. I decided to let it swirl for over 20 minutes just to be sure it was sufficiently aerated. I will say that the vortex created from the swirling is visually appealing and the unit itself could probably be used as a display piece. After swirling, I tasted a glass of the swirled water against my original glass of unswirled water. After tasting back and forth between both samples numerous times, I concluded that that there was indeed an improvement in the swirled water. It tasted less like tap water and had a smoother texture. I wouldn’t say it was a massive difference, but there was indeed a difference, to my surprise.

Mayu Swirl creates an vortex which aerates water. It offers slight improvement in taste and texture, while offering an attractive display.

I next tested the water quality using a test kit I picked up at a local Lowe’s. This kit tests for hardness, chlorine, alkalinity, pH, nitrates, copper, and iron. I didn’t see any major differences, although it did seem like the pH may have bumped up from 7 to around 7.5 or even 8.

Results from my water test kit, before and after swirling.

In conclusion, while I did note an improvement in taste and texture of the swirled water, I believe that the cost of the Mayu Swirl pitcher is prohibitive for most consumers. At a lower price point, it could potentially be a more popular item. At its current price, however, it will be a fringe novelty item at best.

If you’ve used the Mayu Swirl pitcher, tell me what you think in the comments below.

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Brenda Presnell
Brenda Presnell
7 months ago

So NO ONE has bought this to leave comments on this review since Jan 2023 ? James , has anyone reached out to you ? Or am I missing something because I’m not a subscriber? Thanks in advance for any feed back . 🙂

7 months ago

Very interesting, esthetically and visually pleasing. For a slight taste improvement I don’t know if I would purchase. I’d run tap water through it, as no point in using a Voss or Fiji water. Evian water always tasted refreshing, but I don’t see it on our local store shelves for quite some time.

Thanks for testing….. still debating purchase!


Betsy Ewen
Betsy Ewen
5 months ago

It is my understanding that charging the water works more on a cellular level- not a tasting feature. Restoring the water to its natural state after going through “trauma”(not my word) of the city processing system. My thought, I have the Natural Technologies device, I use it a lot and like it. I feel more energetic then when I did not use it. Placebo or fact- don’t care, I feel good and that is all that matters. (btw- I LOVE water and always have it on me).

Theodore Clifton
Theodore Clifton
4 months ago

I poor in a cap of rubbing alcohol, just to make sure the water is fully purified. After 30 min of mixing I can still taste the rubbing alcohol, but between that and the swirling motion of the device, I’m convinced that the water is safer.

Erin Brown
Erin Brown
3 months ago

I have one,- and have done the taste test difference- and I totally stand behind my Mayu Swirl!!!…. Hands Down!

Sa Es
Sa Es
2 months ago

I Have a Mayu Swirl. It does add an energetic to the water in addition to the taste for sure. But…what they do not disclose is that the small disk at the bottom of pitcher that creates the vortex seems to be plastic of some sort. My first one, the disk shifted position and did not swirl correctly. I fixed it with a wooden spoon. But then the disk started to shed what appeared to be little bits of plastic!! Customer service sent me a new pitcher for free. It is exactly the same so the shedding will happen in… Read more »