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Table-Mate Reviews

Table-Mate is a “transformable” table which is designed to easily adjust and slide into place. Here is our Table-Mate review, plus key product information.

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Table-Mate Review

What we liked about Table-Mate is that the variety of adjustment options lends itself to a comfortable “fit” for most couches and chairs. The surface is well-designed for holding items with rubber feet, such as laptops or drink coasters. Assembly was also rather simple.

Although Table-Mate appears to be made of average-quality materials, we found it to be durable enough for average uses such as a TV tray or laptop desk.

Table-Mate Cons

  • Recliners: We couldn’t get Table-Mate to work to a satisfactory degree with a recliner.
  • Tall People: Very tall people may have difficulty finding an adjustment that suits them.
  • Tips over: Due to the rounded legs, it does seem to tip over easier than we would have liked, so pay attention when maneuvering around the product.
  • Weight limit: While it is claimed to be able to hold 50 pounds, this applies to the upright “flat” position of the table. When the table is angled, it cannot bear as much weight.

What about Other Table Mates?

There are a few other Table Mates which have been added to the product catalog, such as Table Mate II, Table Mate V, Table Mate XL, and Table Mate 4 Kids. Those appear to only be available online, while the original Table Mate is widely available in stores.

Aside from the drawbacks listed above, we feel that Table-Mate will be a satisfying purchase to most consumers. Fortunately, Table-Mate is available in stores, and we recommend purchasing it locally to avoid shipping charges and the “get a second one” bait and switch ploy.

There are numerous Table Mate clones, some of which are well made and highly rated.

Table Mate’s Tagline:
“The Transformable Table That Slides To You”

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Table Mate’s “About” paragraph

“Table-Mate is the perfect portable table for anything you need a table surface for and can hold up to 50 lb! Use it for eating, as a laptop computer table, study desk, reading, writing, drawing, board games, models, puzzles, arts and crafts, trade shows, gardening, serving table, table to hold a computer keyboard… or anything else you can possibly think of!”

Official Website

  • Registered December 1, 1999

What they claim

  • Slides right to you
  • Built in cup holder
  • Adjusts to 6 different heights and 3 angles
  • Ideal for those with limited space and mobility
  • Holds up to 50 pounds
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Folds flat for storage or stacks for convenience
  • Available in stores


You can find Table Mate in stores for about $30. The newer Table Mate products are available from the official website from about $30 to $80.


Below is a screenshot of the official website, taken in January 2014:

table-mate reviews


Your Table-Mate Reviews

Have you tried Table-Mate? Please give us your review in the comments below and give it a star rating above.

Updated April 2017.

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