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True Touch Review: Pet Brush Glove

True Touch is a glove which can be used to de-shed cats and dogs. Read my first-hand True Touch review.

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Where to Buy & About True Touch

As of this 2022 update, the True Touch pet glove is still sold online at the Allstar Innovations website for about $10. You may still run across it in stores, but it is becoming harder to find. There are, however, numerous knockoffs which look practically identical. Some of those have ratings equal to – or better than – the original. I have sourced a nearly identical pair for my store, which can be found here.

What They Claim

  • 175 soft silicone grooming tips
  • Loosens and lifts away hair from under coat and top coat.
  • Reduces shedding, keeps house clean
  • Five-finger design allows you to get into deeper places
  • Hair sticks to glove
  • Peel off and throw hair away
  • Good for long, short, and curly hair
  • Dogs or cats

True Touch Review

Note: The review below was written in 2016 and updated in 2017. If you are still interested in this product, check out the links above.

Brushing and de-shedding pets can be an arduous task for some pet owners, and the makers of True Touch have a possible solution in this glove which acts as a brush and de-shedder. You simply slip on the glove and pet your cat or dog as you normally would. The 175 “grooming tips” gently brush hair and pull away loose fur. It’s a simple and clever design which should satisfy most pets who loathe being brushed.

The commercial shows pet hair easily being lifted away from the bristles. I found that to be the case with long-hair pets, such as my two golden retrievers and my cat. With my Chihuahua, however, the hair didn’t lift away as easily. I did find that slapping the glove on the ground, in the same manner I used to bang erasers when I was a kid, was pretty effective a removing small hairs.

true touch pet glove
True Touch worked pretty well on my 16-year old cat.
true touch glove review
Small dogs and short haired dogs, like my Chihuahua, provide a very different result with True Touch.

I’ve seen several negative reviews for True Touch, but I actually found that it worked about as advertised. It didn’t remove as much hair as my regular grooming brush, but it did remove hair in a comfortable setting which felt like I was just petting my dogs and cat.

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At a cost of $20 for two (when shipping is factored in), True Touch is competitively priced among similar pet gloves. It is even less expensive when you purchase it in stores for about $15, although you won’t get the bonus items when you buy it locally.

Overall, True Touch worked pretty well for me, especially for my larger pets with long hair. Smaller dogs with short hair may not benefit as much. If your pet is afraid of being brushed, this could be a compelling alternative.

Although True Touch sports what may seem like an innovative design to some viewers, pet gloves are actually quite common. A quick search of “pet brush glove” on Amazon yields dozens of similar products. Perhaps the closest competitor, which also sports a 5-finger design, is the HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves, which hold an impressive 4.9 star rating and cost about $27 for two.

true touch dog hair
True Touch did a pretty good job of picking up hair from my Golden Retriever.
true touch vs brush
Here is how True Touch compared to a standard grooming brush, with 10 strokes from each.

The product website is, which was registered in January 2016. The screen captures below show the official website in February 2016 and in March 2017. Note the change in the shipping cost. As of 2022, that site now forwards to a product page at Allstar Innovations.

true touch
The official True Touch website in February 2016.
true touch glove review
The official True Touch website in March 2017.

Video Review

Below is my review of True Touch on my four pets.

Your True Touch Reviews

Have you used True Touch? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Updated February 2023

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7 years ago

Two Stars. The True Touch gloves did a good job of lossening the dog’s hair but that’s the only good thing I can say about it. The hair didn’t stick to the glove like it showed on the advertisement but most of it stayed on the dog’s back and it took several more brush strokes for SOME of it to go into the glove while a lot of it got on my clothes and the floor of the patio. Also, when I tried to remove the hair from the glove, it didn’t come off with one movement like the ad… Read more »

Robin Bode Hughes
Robin Bode Hughes
7 years ago

The cost stated above is INCORRECT. It is NOT $19.98 altogether for 2 gloves & 1 lent roller it is $24.97. They charge an additional $4.99 S&H for the second glove. The add even states 2nd free just pay additional $4.99 fee ( of course the wording is in hard to read small print but its clear on their web site.

7 years ago

Thank you for pointing that out! We will update the cost information above. If you compare our screen shot above with the website now, you can see that they have changed their offer and added another $4.99 cost for the 2nd unit.

7 years ago

I have two boxer/blue healers, so short hair, but TONS of it. I have a deshedding brush already that I really like and works amazing, but I just saw a commercial for this glove and had to give it a try. I was really exciting about the fact that the hair supposedly stuck to the glove because normally I use the deshedding brush outside with my dogs because the hair gets all over. Well, the hair did not stick very well to the glove. Most of it was still on the dog after several attempts to brush, or on my… Read more »

Cheryl DeGroot
Cheryl DeGroot
3 years ago

I bought the glove today. My large, short haired dog loved it.( pit bull mix).I do agree it was a little difficult to remove hair from the glove.And maybe it could of removed more,but I’m happy w/ the job it did. My dog acked like he was in heaven and that’s worth alot to me.