uplifting hangers review

Uplifting Hangers Review: Do They Work?

Uplifting Hangers are space-saving hangers which lift clothing to provide more closet space. Read our Uplifting Hangers review.

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About Uplifting Hangers

Uplifting Hangers are space saving hangers which lift clothing to provide more vertical closet space.

The official product website is upliftinghangers.com, which was registered in August 2016. Below is a screen capture showing the official website as it appeared in August 2016.

uplifting hangers review

Claims & Features

  • Save up to 10 inches of vertical space in your closet
  • Free up closet space
  • Concave design stores clothes higher than regular hangers
  • Holds up to 20 pounds
  • Notch for spaghetti straps
  • Thin, no-slip velvet design


You can get one set of 10 Uplifting Hangers for $10 + $6.99 Shipping for a total cost of $16.99. There is a Double Offer of 20 hangers and a bonus Shoes Under for $10 + $6.99 shipping plus a $6.99 fee, for a total cost of $23.98.

As of this writing, Uplifting Hangers are not available in stores.

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Uplifting Hangers Review

Uplifting Hangers are a relatively new As Seen on TV product with a simple yet effective design and function. The idea is to provide “lift” over standard hangers, raising clothing upward in order to create more closet space below.

The product takes the idea of a standard hanger and adds a concave design in which clothing rests much closer to the rod. This in turn creates more space below clothing hanging in the closet.

In addition to its lifted design, Uplifting Hangers also feature a slim design with no-slip velvet.

Depending on your closet configuration, Uplifting Hangers may or may not serve any useful purpose. If you have furniture or boxes residing immediately below your hanging clothes, this item could be an excellent way to create more space. If, however, there is already ample space below your hung clothing, this may not be of much advantage over regular hangers.

Overall, we like the design of Uplifting Hangers because we haven’t seen anything like it, thus we feel this provides a viable option for consumers. It may only have limited appeal, but this could be a coveted item for those who need a little extra space below their hanging clothes.

Based on its domain registration, Uplifting Hangers appears to be a new product. We’ll update this space if we see any changes in the price, advertising, or availability.


The idea of a space saving hanger isn’t new, and you can find a number of products which fit such a description. Popular variants include drop-type hangers or pinch clips.

The design of Uplifting Hangers is quite unique, so if you are intent on this particular design, that is going to be your only option.

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